"First Line of Defense" wants to put the fire out with gasoline

ABC News promotes U.S. jihadists as America’s first line of defense against terrorism

This is an insult to anyones intelligence. Even the dumbest libturd is not THAT stoopid. I say follow the money, and if the ABC stooges (like so many others) are not paid off to propagate this nonsense, then they are instructed to  spout Mohammedan propaganda. The question is only: who is really behind this total derailment of our news services?

Curiously, in Cambridge they seem to think that any defense is in vain, so there’s another preemptive surrender in the making:

WaPo is equally eager to join other libturds in their surrender:


It’s hard to believe even they could be this clueless, but here you are. “ABC News Promotes Revolution Muslim as America’s First Line of Defense against Terrorism,” from Answering Muslims, October 9 (thanks to JW):

ABC News recently did a 20/20 special titled “Islam: Questions and Answers,” with Diane Sawyer, Bill Weir, and Lama Hasan. The program drew attention to moderate Muslims who will serve as America’s “first line of defense” against terrorism. Unfortunately, one of the moderate Muslims presented by ABC isn’t so moderate.


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  1. “The views presented in this article/video do not reflect the views of the RevolutionMuslim.com (RM); rather this article/video is posted only for educational and informational purposes. The blogger and RevolutionMuslim.com(RM) is not affiliated with any terrorist states or organisations and condemns all forms of terrorism carried out in the name of freedom and democracy.”So why the hell is their website full of reactions “Allahu Akbar” and Jazak Allah on all their postings of terrorisme and violance?Why doesn’t ABC News ask them this question?Al-taqiyya a.k.a. The art of lying !

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