Oskar Freysinger: Europe is running adrift, not because of fanatics who occupy the land, but because of cowards who let them do it…

Oskar Freysinger: Is Islam a Threat?

First, the Diamant Conference Center in Schaerbeek closed its doors to me under pressure from the mayor and the police on the leaseholder of the room, and then it was the turn of the Crowne Plaza Hotel to deny me a room. Its owner had at least the elegance, after having first accepted and then rejected the conference, to meet us, Marcel Castermans and me, to express his embarrassment of being unable to fulfill his commitment. “However,” he advised during this interview, “The Crowne Plaza is no exception as to its rejection. Currently, you will not find any hotel room in Brussels prepared to welcome you, as political pressures are too great. You see, I am a businessman, and cannot go against the system “. The manager of the Crowne Plaza didn’t know how right he was, because the owner of a third venue, who originally gave his approval, recanted just this morning.

This is why Europe is running adrift: Not because of fanatics who occupy the land, but because of cowards who let them do it.

I am, however, happy with the outcome of this matter, which sees me now speaking in French in a Flemish parliament hall. Thanks to Philip Dewinter, the only person this morning to support free speech in this city of Brussels which has been placed under the wet blanket of an anti-liberty clique.

Intolerance and censorship are now the preserve of those who have only the words “openness” and “tolerance” on their lips. Paradoxically, our fight for freedom, is also conducted for them and their children, despite the fact they are trying to muzzle us.

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In other news:

A Court Date for Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

BPE Press Release on Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

From the Gates of Vienna

I reported yesterday that our Austrian correspondent Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been given a court date (November 23) for her trial on “hate speech” charges. Regular readers are aware that Elisabeth has been charged for speaking the simple truth about Islam; for full details, see the list of previous articles at the bottom of this post.

Below is a press release (pdf, German) issued yesterday on behalf of Elisabeth by BPE Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa). Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

A reminder: readers may donate to Elisabeth’s defense fund at her legal defense website.