What have we done to deserve them? Who inflicted this on us?

Freedom means everything must be provided free for  Australia’s Muselmanic invaders and their  supporting industry of bleeding hearts and social workers:

Schools to pay price for transport cut (True Local/thanks to Mullah)

Plea … Refugee mother Fartun Adan Abidi with Nimo and Liban. Mrs Abidi, 45, has nine children to organise each morning across four schools and childcare, and is also primary carer for her 85-year-old husband.


Gillard may need asylum herself in Adelaide

Julia Gillard’s imperial style of government – and bungling of boat people policy – is firing public anger:

More than 500 people gathered for a vocal and passionate public meeting at the Woodside Institute building last night to discuss plans, announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Monday, to house up to 400 asylum seekers at a new detention facility on Commonwealth land at nearby Inverbrackie…

Most of the large crowd were furious they had not been consulted about the detention centre.

Many made their feelings felt during an extended period of questions, which evolved into a series of of heated speeches. (Andrew Bolt)

SCHOOLS with high numbers of new migrant children will be thrown into disarray by cuts to a free transport service, support groups say.

The groups say free transport to schools with New Arrival Program (NAP) classes must remain, amid concerns cuts will result in children transferring to mainstream schools within walking distance of their homes.

Migrant Resource Centre CEO Eugenia Tsoulis said many refugee families would not be able to afford public transport, when the State Government scales back its free minibus program in 2012.

“I would have a problem with kids aged 5-7 having to catch (public) buses and travelling huge distances,” she said. “Some of their parents have numerous children and don’t know how to negotiate the system yet.”

The Government plans to save $5.4 million over three years by scaling back a service that drives children in NAP classes to school for free.

The cuts will affect about 1000 students at primary schools across Adelaide, including Pennington, Richmond, Cowandilla and Mansfield Park.

Anglicare refugee housing program manager Michelle Davies said the cuts would be “devastating” for many families. “It would put our new arrivals at a huge disadvantage in the settlement process … ” she said.

“The children learn English very quickly and are often asked to assist their parents when interpreting is needed.

“If they cannot access transport easily and affordably they may just drop out of school.”

Cowandilla Primary NAP assistant principal Xeni Tsagaris said the classes’ benefits expanded far beyond improving children’s English.

“We help children to make friends here and fit in,” she said. “(In mainstream schools), their frustration levels will be exacerbated and they could end up having conflict with other children.”

A spokeswoman for the Education Department said NAP classes would continue to be offered and a working group reviewing the transport policy would consult with families and schools about support for students.

Bus service so crucial

FOR Somalian refugee Fartun Adan Abidi, the government bus service that takes two of her children to school is the key to her own education.

Mrs Abidi, 45, has nine children to organise each morning across four schools and childcare, and is also primary carer for her 85-year-old husband.

She says without the bus service that delivers son Liban, 10, and daughter Nimo, 9, to Pennington Primary, there is no way she would be able to continue her English studies through a TAFE course in the city.

“I hope the government won’t stop transport for children because that helps us to learn,” she says through an interpreter.

Learning English is also the key to finding work and driving, says the Ottoway resident, who has her licence but struggles to read a street directory.

Mrs Abidi fled war-torn Somalia in 1991 after her father and uncle were killed, her brother disappeared, and her family’s belongings were looted.

She spent more than 15 years raising her family on meagre rations in refugee camps in Kenya, before emigrating to Australia in 2008.

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  1. The Ottoway resident struggles to read a street directory, but the school her children are getting a free bus ride to is in Pennington, the adjacent suburb. When we were that age, we walked or rode bikes, and didn’t have a street directory.

  2. This woman, if she was in Britain, would be living in a £2m house in London, and each of her children would have a laptop and access to the internet.

  3. Yes, with a minivan to ferry the kids around, while hubby runs a muslim political party to bring down the UK …

    Ballad of Noreen and Mohamm

    Little ditty, about Noreen and Mohamm
    Two married cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm the teacher latched onto a plan
    Noreen pops out li’l jihadis just as fast as she can

    Got a five bedroom house in Greater Man
    Two tellies, computer, and a minivan
    Brightly coloured toys for the kids on the benefit scam
    They get their guidance from the “holy” koran

    Dhimmies provide well for Noreen and Mohamm
    2 muslim cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm runs a Party called “Long Live Islam”
    To attack the system in the Dar al Harb-land

    (apology to John Mellencamp)

  4. One of the UK’s scroungers, mentioned on WoJ previously:


    [I am married with eleven children. I am 52 years old. I have been unemployed for the past 5 years. I am a trained teacher, lecturer. I have worked as a teacher, and lecturer for nearly 15 years.]

    [I am standing on Islam Zinda Baad platform , because Islam is not just a religious faith but a guide for mankind a way of life, through love and peace and basic practices to be part of a safe and caring society.]

    1. Look, here is again:

      Mohammed Salim, of Letchworth Avenue, Rochdale, received three pages of the Muslim holy book graffitied with the words “crap”, “paper” and “toilet”. The abusive mail was posted anonymously from Canada, addressed to “Allah Hoo Hoo Salim” and arrived at Mr Salim’s family home on Monday. (Source)

  5. Why do these governments continue to give public monies support to people in direct relation to the number of children they have? That isn’t encouraging personal responsibility at all. NO FAMILY SHOULD GET SUPPORT FOR ANY MORE THAN TWO CHILDREN. And that kind of support should never exceed a total of 5 years per individual. Please government individual, grow the hell up, will you. Save your country.

  6. sheik :
    I notice you made a comment on Tundra Tabloids about the discussion between Kent Erekoth , a muslim woman and the eu bureaucrat .
    Maybe Kent hasn’t got the forceful personality that is needed sometimes but he does tell the truth and who else is there – how many other people in Sweden are speaking up ?
    He talked about muslim crime and abuse of the welfare system , to which the others had no answer .
    A lot of things said there made me angry – but one thing by the eu guy took my breath away – about the west doing nothing about birth control in India and Africa – what concern of ours is it , the breeding habits in any other part of the world ?
    Must the west take the blame for everything ?
    And I know that , according to the left , the answer is yes .

  7. * Activist angry at ‘defiled’ Koran / graffitied with the words “crap”, “paper” and “toilet”

    And muslims wonder why we get slightly annoyed when they blow up bars, clubs, trains & buses and bring down buildings with hijacked planes? I’ll take a page of ‘crap’ over a bombed bus any day.

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