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Merkel gets ready for the burqa

‘More immigrants should work for the state’: German Chancellor Angela Merkel adds to the country’s roaring immigration debate

There are an estimated 4million Muslims in Germany which has contributed to a heated debate in the country

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has risked causing further outrage by saying that more immigrants should work for the state.

The country has been in the grip of a tense debate about the integration of Muslims for several weeks.

Fuelled by divisive comments about Turks and Arabs by central banker Thilo Sarrazin, Germany has been debating how to balance an economic need for more workers with growing public concern over integration of immigrants.

Merkel spakred controversy earlier this month when she said that multiculturalism had ‘utterly failed’ in Germany.

Her latest comments are now likely to cause more anger among citizens who feel alienated by the influx of immigrants to the country.

Interviewed by a 31-year-old Berlin policeman of Turkish origin for her latest internet podcast four days ahead of an integration summit at her chancellery, Merkel said:
‘Today, people with a migrant background are under- represented in the public sector, and that needs to change.’

However, Merkel conceded that this was not always easy.

‘I’ve also noticed that if someone has a name that doesn’t sound German they can often have trouble being taken on at all in some professions,’ she said.

Since Sarrazin inflamed opinion by asserting Turks and Arabs sponged off the state and refused to integrate, some of Merkel’s conservatives become more critical of Muslims, who make up an estimated 4 million of Germany’s 82 million population. (The Daily Mail has more)

German Police unable to do their job in Mohammedan quarters

So what kind of solution does the corrupt Socialist government propose?  You guessed it:

Turkish cops to patrol German streets battling ethnic crime

Unfortunately, Turkish policemen seem to side with their Muslim brothers in times of conflict. There  is   increasing  evidence of collusion between (Islamic) criminals and ethnic police.

Thilo Sarrazin descibed president Wulff’s visit to Turkey this way:

Wulff belittles the extermination of Christendom in Turkey

In Turkey Christianity is being tolerated at best. The numbers give you a clear picture: 1914 there were still 25 % Christians in Turkey, today there are at best 0.2 %. Even at the German School in Istanbul German lessons are forbidden. The president of Germany did nothing more than obfuscate and deny these very unpleasant circumstances by puring harmony and crap sauce over it.

In German:

Wulff verharmlost Christenausrottung in Türkei

Thilo Sarrazin über das Verhalten von Bundespräsident Christian Wulff während seines Türkei-Besuchs (PI berichtete):

“In der Türkei wurde und wird der christliche Glaube bestenfalls geduldet. Die Zahlen sprechen da eine deutliche Sprache: Gab es 1914 noch 25 Prozent Christen in der Türkei, sind es heute gerade noch 0,2 Prozent. Und an der deutschen Schule in Istanbul ist seit einigen Jahren der Deutschunterricht in den unteren Klassen verboten. Der Bundespräsident hat über diese nicht sehr erfreulichen Zustände eine Harmonie-Kitsch-Sauce gegossen.”

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  1. In every proposal to limit immigration from alien cultures such as Islam, the excuse is trotted out that limiting immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, will harm German engineering and technology. This just does not wash. Most of the Turkish immigrants to Germany are not wealth producing highly skilled engineers, but are employed selling groceries or in work in kebab restaurants, if that is, they are in employment at all.

    There has to be a limit on the number of Muslims in any Infidel country, not just a limit on immigration – for if a certain number is reached, the country will be Islamified. This is a fate I could only wish on a truly detested enemy.

    1. Actually, its far worse.

      On the one hand, the ‘Gutmensch’ people tell us that we can’t put a value on human life, that we cannot question how much illegal (and/or) Islamic immigration costs us. On the other hand, they tell us that we -somehow- need Muslim immigrants, because we’re not breeding enough, and that the soldiers of allah will (one day) pay the pensions for aging EUro-dhimmies.

      The Koran doesn’t mention anything about paying pension payments to unbelievers, but it demands the jiziya, to be paid with willing submission. More so, the Koran says “kill the unbelievers” and that’s what Muslims have done very successfully for the last 1400 years.

      Somehow 1 + 1 no longer makes 2 here. Can you guess what will happen next?

  2. First Germany invites Turkish police – plan does not work – leads to insurrection among Turks as well as Germans.

    Germany invites Turkish army and special forces to put down insurrection.

    Plan works. Germans are pacified and accept their fate.

  3. Well, it seems to me that the Germans are happy to be either top dog or downtrodden,that way,the consequences of responsibility do not apply to,in a way,I’m agreeing with DP111.

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