Are they all totally incompetent or bat-shit crazy or both?

Breeding Surrender Monkeys:

The new head of Britain’s armed forces, Gen Sir David Richards, has warned that the West cannot defeat al-Qaeda and militant Islam.

Richards said the threat posed by ‘al-Qaeda and its affiliates’ meant Britain’s national security would be at risk for at least 30 years (Telegraph UK)

It must be something in the water: former British spy chief Manningham-Buller makes equally dumb statements: Iraq War Turned British Muslims Against Britain’ and “Britain would have been safer if it had not been invaded first

UK: leading “human rights organization” gave $322,000 to jihadist cleric al-Awlaki

Moazzam Begg of Cageprisoners wrote about al-Awlaki that it “was evident that he commanded a large following and great respect amongst many Muslims.” Indeed so. “Top charities give £200,000 to group which supported al-Qaeda cleric,” by Jason Lewis for the Telegraph, November 6 (thanks to JW)

Clintoon:  Hoping for  “CHANGE” (or pissing in the wind) in Pakistan?

Pakistan supported jihad outfits as hedge against India and Afghanistan?

Ms. Clinton said now things are “changing”, but she cannot confirm whether Pakistan has stopped the use of terror against India and Afghanistan. “That is changing… Now, I cannot sit here and tell you that it has changed, but that is changing,”

“Pakistan used terror as a hedge against India: Clinton,” from the PTI

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  1. A crazy statement he should be fired
    Countries can fight the ideology of Jihad & make serious laws & give them hard time , but some countries are not doing much about it.

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