At $ 200 million a day, Barry Soetoro has a jolly good time…..

Mosque on Ice

Arctic mosque plan on ice over Saudi funding   (Kaleej Times)

India’s Muslims cheered Obama’s remarks on jihad. India’s 820,000,000 Hindus, not so much.

FOX NEWS President Obama’s remarks on the real meaning of “jihad” and the exploitation of Islam by extremists has gone over well with Muslim activists and opinion-makers in India   (Barenaked)

Barry’s homecoming

Indian commies complained that Hussein is not transforming America fast enough, Hussein worried about Indian commies, Marxists burned  him in effigy in Mumbai, Indonesians promised  to “crush” him….fellow Muslims call him a Joooo…...

But this one pulls the curry off the dinner table:

“I am glad to meet an Indian communist. I am told that communists have been part of the (Indian) political mainstream,” Obama told CPM Politburo member Sitaram Yechury at the Rashtrapati Bhawan banquet as they were introduced and both shook hands. (NDTV)

Hussein  Obama is scheduled to land in Jakarta Tuesday…. Obama’s old teacher recalls that he attended Muslim prayers at school in Indonesia

The Islamists chanted, “Obama Comes, We Crush!” (Weren’t they supposed to like us now?…)

Michelle rather be dancing:

Hussein is missing his favorite food:

Meanwhile, the Jihad Rages On:

Church Leader to Iraqi Christians: It’s Finally Time to Leave

35 Iraqis hurt in Baghdad church attack arrive in France

Thirty-four Iraqi Christians and a Muslim guard wounded in a deadly Al-Qaeda attack on a Baghdad church just over a week ago flew into France late Monday for admission to hospitals for treatment.

Bearing bullet and grenade wounds from the October 31 attack, they arrived at Orly airport outside Paris on a plane dispatched to Iraq earlier Monday to collect them, an AFP reporter said.

The group, travelling with 19 companions, was welcomed at the airport by French Immigration Minister Eric Besson who said at the weekend it fitted France’s “tradition of asylum” to take them in. (Expatica)

3 thoughts on “At $ 200 million a day, Barry Soetoro has a jolly good time…..”

  1. ME Christians can be safe for a while in Europe, but not for long. The same process that started in the ME, which in the end led to mass murder and departure of Christians, has also started in Europe.

    Thanks be to our idiot politicians in whose quest for votes, have sacrificed our nations to Islam.
    Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah

  2. Well, at least by being in India and in Indonesia Barry won’t be forced to particpate in the hateful American and imperialistic, bourgeoisie traditon of honouring Veterns on Remberence Day as president of the US….Commander in Chief to the armed forces.

    Is this not his third year of failing to particpate in laying a wreath? Anyone know?

    At least this way, he can show his commie friends he didn’t sell out and participate in the evil celebration of American Military imperialism on November 11th.

    But, keeping his $5million and not redistributing it to those who have naught, apparently is not a sell out to communist ideology.

  3. “I am told communists have been part of the Indian political mainstream” Obama making dumbass statements yet again,,, Almost as rich as the ” Islam has always been part of America” AND “America is one of the largest muslim countries in the world…. Zarkozy( French President) called Obama “insane” I tend to agree!!

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