Australia's Islamic Invasion

Andrew Bolt: They seem old for their age, or we’re dumb for our own

WHAT sort of “children” are these really, who this week put seven other boat people in hospital?

Properly instructed little halal butchers like these?

Here they are shown how to kill a goat….

…here is a 12-year-old graduate student sawing off the head of a human…. More from Barenaked. No doubt these kids will fit in perfectly well with local Aussie kids…..

An update from this:

“Unaccompanied minors, 50 unaccompanied Afghan asylum-seeker boys, teenage brawl…”

Sunday’s all-in brawl between 40 boat people at the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation should finally alert us to what seems yet another immigration rort.

These brawlers are reportedly all “unaccompanied minors” from Afghanistan – that is, they are allegedly aged under 18, and came on boats without their parents.

They are among more than 200 such unaccompanied Afghan “boys” in detention, or about one in six of all Afghans now detained, which seems an astonishingly high proportion.

In all, 645 “unaccompanied minors” have come by boat since the Labor Government softened the rules in 2008.

Fancy so many parents sending children off alone on leaky boats.

But already alarm bells should be ringing – even more so given that teachers working with these “boys” say they actually seem to be young adults.

One, who has asked for anonymity, says of the more than 30 students they’ve seen, only two seemed to be children, and neither was Afghan.

“All the rest look to be anything from their late teens to their mid twenties. All claim to be 15,” the teacher says.

And almost every one is Afghan, or says so, since some Afghan boat people seem to come from Pakistan instead.

Why men would call themselves children is not surprising when you see what privileges come with being deemed to be under 18.

First, as boys they qualify for better accommodation and a fast track out of detention, with the Federal Government committed to a “no children between barbed wire” policy.

For example, nearly 100 of these “boys” were transferred to the Melbourne centre at the weekend from the overcrowded detention centre on Christmas Island.

In Darwin and Brisbane such boys are given not only classes but excursions, and are kept mainly in motels.

But there is a far more pressing reason why it may suit an Afghan man to pretend to be a boy.

It’s this clause in the Immigration Department’s application pack for a Class XA protection visa, explaining that unaccompanied “children” who win refugee status have more right than single men to send for their families to join them: “If you have been separated from members of your immediate family and are successful in your visa application and you are granted a permanent subclass 866 Protection visa, you may be able to propose them for humanitarian entry to Australia …

“With regard to a Humanitarian entry proposal an immediate family includes your partner, dependent children and your parents (if you are under 18 years of age).” (My emphasis.)

Not only that, well-meaning lawyers will give free help. Here the law firm Minters innocently explains the deal in an email asking for volunteers for the Refugee and Immigration Legal Service ( and note what I’ve highlighted):

“RAILS has a significant case load resulting from the release of large numbers of single men who have been found to be genuine refugees and released from Christmas Island. Many of them are being resettled in Brisbane.

“Among those single men are quite a few unaccompanied minors, (mostly) boys ranging in age from 15 to (almost) 18. RAILS is assisting these children who have been granted protection visas to be reunited with their parents and siblings who remain overseas.

“Completion and lodgement of an application by their parents is crucial because once the boys turn 18 it becomes far more difficult, if not almost impossible, for them to successfully propose their parents for an Australian visa.”

Hello? Haven’t these lawyers smelled a rat? Only one of two conclusions seems possible, and I favour the latter.

The first is that the Government and activist lawyers are luring families into risking their children’s lives by sending them by boat, alone, to Australia.

The alternative is that they – and we – are being played for fools.

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  1. They are criminals Andrew Bolt – that’s why they are behind bars and it should be razor wire. How dare they cause the people of this country so much angst. As far as I know, we have never done anything to them.

  2. When many of our forefathers came to this country “on boats”. Theywere flogged and starved. They had not way out but to stay and fight for a future. They carved out a country which is now the envy of the world. My message to these “bludgers” is simple. STAY IN YOUR OWN COUNTRIES AND FIGHT TO MAKE THEM BETTER. Or do you not love your countries? It is no good bringing you problems here because sooner or later we will collectively have “Had Enough” and you will be turfed out.
    The “Winds of Change” are blowing now and people are waking from their slumber and are beginning to understand what Islam is all about. Dont take us for idiots!

  3. Sorry off topic maybe but I didn’t know where to put it

    From an article about education in the guardian :

    ‘An 11-year-old had to be removed from a lesson for shouting at his classmate, an orphaned Somali refugee, “At least I’ve got a family to go home to”.

    ‘In one school in Liverpool, one boy, Saeed, faced down his bully, Alex, in my classroom by producing a knife and waving it in front of his enemy’s face. I froze along with the rest of the class and with Alex as Saeed slowly raised his other hand, extended the forefinger, and lightly placed it on the tip of the blade. He gave a slight pull, and the knife bent, twanging back into place when released. It was plastic.
    The class dissolved into laughter,’

    Even in an article about education , the drip , drip of propaganda – that’s the worst kind because people don’t know they’re being brainwashed – the poor somali , good old saeed – much superior to the British kids in the classes

    I don’t believe these little stories anyway

  4. The Guardian is playing social engineer – simply don’t buy or read the rubbish from those second rate intellects and third rate journalists.

  5. Hunger strikes, standing on the roofs of there homes is just a joke when there are over 100.000 Australians sleeping “rough” each and every night. They dont get the protection the so called “boat people” or truthfully illegal immigrants have. The homeless must take pot luck as to where they can sleep for the night. They are often with their kids and many ride the train from Sydney to anywhere to keep safe from the molesting gangs that roam our streets by night.
    A trip to Central Main Station any day will reveal from 11am many old ladies, and I am talking about Grandmothers – sitting in the entrances to safeguard their places for the coming night. They have a yoga mat to lay on. I was there in July and was horrified. It was freezing and windy in those entrances It could be our grannies.
    The illegals in detention are fed three meals a day, have a warm and clean bed to sleep in if they choose not to wreck it, it costs them next to nothing. There are no gangs to awaken them to perhaps a night of terror. These illegals guests have it a lot easier than many of the hosts in this country. I have spoken to many of the homeless and they are not all junkies or drunks. Many are deserted women with young kids who have nowhere else to go. They often have sick children and they attend the Kids hospital by day and sleep rough with these sick kids at night. It is a laugh that Child Welfare takes care of these people or we would not find so many murdered children.
    Where is Keisha? Another two year old found dead in the grass in Melbourne this morning. What does this say about us? We just dont care enough? Thats about the truth of it. As long as we have a warm bed and money to pay the bills, we are all only a step away from these people.

  6. Hecate,
    You are so right! We are handing over billions to useless islamic invaders and countries like Indonesia when our own people are left to suffer. Hang your heads in shame ALP, you are no better and no worse than the other morons who run for office and forget who put them there and why after election night.

  7. kaw et al

    You see this all over the Western world : our politicans send billions of euro and dollars to the MiddleEast countries every year – and we don´t have the money to help over own, old people !

    Yes, they ARE bastards !

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