"Fundamental Transformation" needed, sez Ihsanoglu

“Fundamental Transformation”- where did we hear that before? Aw, that’s right, didn’t the Muslim POTUS Obama threaten us with the “fundamental transformation” of America before he was even elected?  This time its  the excremental Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu who is threatening to inflict “fundamental transformation” on us. Is that what you want?

A despicable creature:  Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. (EIN News)

“If politeness and ceremony be observed toward Mohammedans, they imagine they are feared and become arrogant; but in showing severity and rudeness, they are impressed with fear and respect, and they are supple and manageable.”

–North China Herald,1867

Closing statement  from the Global Christian and Muslim leaders meeting in Switzerland 1-4 November meeting at Geneva’s Ecumenical Centre:

The leaders of the two faiths said, “Religion is often invoked in conflict creation, even when other factors, such as unfair resource allocation, oppression, occupation and injustice, are the real roots of conflict.”  (EIN News)

The Muslims are laughing, again

Translation: Freedom of Expression causes conflict,  because unbelievers who don’t submit to sharia are oppressive to Muslims.

We “occupy Islamic lands” (like Israel, Spain “al Andaluz” -, Sicily, Greece etc) and we reject sharia and dhimmitude, which  causes conflict. Besides, we are rich and the Muslims are poor, which is insulting to Muslims. So we are obliged to pay far more jiziya to the soldiers of allah to create some kind of “balance”….

Its amazing what higher education does to people these days…

Islamophobia like 1930s anti-Semitism, sez Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

Asking us to accept the cartoons is asking to accept insults as a norm. How can people ask us to accept the cartoons? This is indecent   Al Arabiya

Muhammad was German? English? French?

Europe has to understand the reality of Islam today, and the reality that Islam is not an alien religion of Europe. Islam is a European religion, and Europe has to come to terms with Islam  

I’m afraid that we are going through a process like the beginning of the ’30s of the last century, when an anti-Semitic agenda became politically a big issue (together with) the rise of fascism and Nazism …. I think now we are in the first stages of such a thing 

DP111 nails it:

Then comes the threat, “and Europe has to come to terms with Islam.

Well if Islam is a European religion, there would be no need for Europe to come to terms with it, and there would be no need for “has to”.   Its the usual Muslim garbage, whingeing, moaning, playing the victim, interspersed with threats.

1930 the Muslims stood with the Nazis and murdered millions of Jews. Tell the truth, Ihsanoglu!

OIC top dog decries gratuitous vilification of Islam, ignores jihad terror and Islamic supremacism

Here for the umpteenth time, the OIC chief tries to depict “Islamophobia” as some out-of-the-blue manifestation of racism and bigotry. He says nothing, of course, about all the jihad plots carried out by Muslims motivated by Islamic texts and teachings, or about the supremacist attempts to assert the primacy of Islamic law over American law. “OIC slams pandemic of Islam vilification,” from AFP, November 6 (thanks to JW):

Ihsanoglu with useful idiot progressive Shrillary Clitman