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“I love dancing. Oh that was fun!” Mrs. Obama said  (The Blaze)
Michelle Obama  was never proud of America. Is she ever asking herself if America  is proud of her?

Pride of the nation

Left to right – Princess Letizia of Spain, French first lady Carla Bruni and, Michelle Obama.

Comrade Obama and the Bitter Half at the Taj Mahal

The first photos are coming in from the Moonbat Messiah’s $200 million/day sightseeing tour of India:

Thanks to Moonbattery

Michelle Obama’s 200$ million a day vacation

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  1. Ironically, even more so, the “CHANGE” letters have a certain resemblance to the Chanel logo.

  2. First Lady of the United States?
    She looks more like she is in South Africa auditioning to be one of Jacob Zuma’s wives.

  3. Whats that saying “you can take the man / woman, out of “wherever” but you cannot take “wherever” out of the man / woman ”

    Any way, lets hope the Adults get back control of the worlds most powerful nation, wearing their shoes, and getting down to the business of running the worlds greatest ever Judeo / Christian Democracy.
    The last two years have shown the west what the alternative ideology has to offer.

  4. This womans cheer squad is not laughing with her, but at her.
    Is this the Democrats vision for the future of America?
    The only thing missing is a pile of Chicken Entrails and some snake eyed Voodoo Priestess vomiting Green Slime in the back ground.
    God help us!!!!

  5. I’m proud! If Obama is happy with her, who cares? It’s his choice, it’s his love, it’s his life! If she is dancing with the kids that’s nice. And if she has a fat ass compared to Carla Bruni, and the never-worked-a-day-in-her-life princess, I don’t care. All black women have big asses. But in this case again, it’s Obama’s choice. I don’t care neither one of the three will ever sit on my lap! (Nor will Obama)

  6. November 7, 2010

    Obama visiting Muslim shrine in India — no plans to visit Hindu, Buddhist, or other shrines
    Obama is visiting Humayan’s Tomb. Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun was a sixteenth-century Mughal emperor, whose empire encompassed modern-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of northern India.

    He is visiting, in other words, a Muslim shrine. He has no plans to visit any holy places of the Sikhs (such as the Golden Temple, Amritsar), or any Hindu holy places, Buddhist holy places, or Jain holy places. Nor does he plan to visit Nariman house, the Chabad house in Mumbai that was the chief target of the jihad mass-murderers who killed 173 people in November 2008.

    Once again, Obama manifests a solicitude for Islam that he wouldn’t dream of extending to other faiths.

    An entry from our If-People-Think-Obama-Is-A-Muslim-He-Has-No-One-But-Himself-To-Blame Department: from “Maurya, Humayun await Obamas,” in Rediff, November 7 (thanks to George):

    Scores of policemen have also been posted outside the 16th century Humayun’s Tomb, which the Obamas are expected to visit later today.

  7. What a litany of offences the Obambi USURPER and his family have made to the White House’s dignity and respect . He with his insults to allies and bowing and scraping to Mohammedans and Dictators she with her profligate spending and partying stupid pronouncements and ‘big fat arsed Black Mama ‘ dancing. They both are a disgrace to the dignity of the Office and the reputation of the USA.

  8. It is one way to bring Bollywood to the white house. But, so undignified. What do you expect from an Oprah Winfrey President and First Lady? Just throw some money at it – and it will be ok. Geez!!! And Aussie, there are many, many Democrats who are embarrased by this just as there must be Labor supporters in this country disenchanted at the treatmen of K. Rudd, and the “knifer” – now Prime Minister who is as big a laugh as Michelle. Can’t women in Politics look better? Remember the Iron Maiden Margaret Thatcher, she had a face similiar to Julia G. Could they be related? Well who can say? “O the gift from God, to see ourselves as others see us”.

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