Hussein Obama's Army of Gropers

Feel safe? This little boy has been strip-searched for your protection

This video has already gone around the world and back, but it is worth posting here to emphasize that this whole absurd TSA controversy has come about because of the government’s refusal to admit the nature of the threat. If the TSA, and the DHS, and the State Department, and all the rest of them, acknowledged the reality of the Islamic jihad against the U.S. instead of ignoring and denying it, it would be possible to formulate some sensible screening policies. That is the easy solution to this problem, and one that will never be adopted.

As I wrote here, the TSA wastes “huge amounts of time, money, and resources by pretending that everyone is an equal threat to launch a terror attack — Baptist grandmothers in wheelchairs just as much as young Pakistani Muslim males. The only answer at this point, and even it is not perfect, would be to institute Israeli-style profiling of air passengers. The Israelis have run an efficient and terror-attack-free air service for years, without all these invasive security measures. But to emulate them, of course, would mean to recognize in an official way that Muslims are a greater risk to commit terror attacks than Methodists or Mennonites. And in today’s politically correct environment, the Obama Administration and the TSA would rather see another jihad mass-murder of American citizens on the scale of 9/11 or worse than do anything to suggest that.”

Video thanks to Pamela Geller, who has some good remarks on this issue here.

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Huckabee Slams ‘Unconstitutional Strip Searches’


Fox News host Mike Huckabee slammed President Barack Obama’s defense of the Transportation Security Administration’s new intrusive pat-down screening measures at airport security checkpoints. On his website Monday, the former governor of Arkansas and potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate wrote that he disagreed with Obama’s assessment that “there isn’t a choice about the federal fondling and groping of the private parts of totally law-abiding citizens by government agents.”

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Huckabee issued a challenge to Obama to submit his family to the same “humiliating and unconstitutional electronic strip searches by machines that are making its manufacturers filthy rich and the flying public hopping mad.” He wrote: “If you don’t find anything wrong with these practices that presume the guilt of an American before he or she proves innocence, then I ask you to take your wife, your two daughters, and your mother-in-law to Reagan National Airport and have them go through the full body scanner, and then be subjected to the same and full body grabbing grope by the government agents that you authorized to do it. Do it in public where all can see.

“When you do that,” Huckabee added, “maybe some of the rest of us won’t be as angry as watching our wives, daughters, and mothers humiliated and degraded like criminals just in order to fly on a plane.”

How to avoid Muslim terror on your flight:

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  1. They cannot profile for it would destroy “Diversity”. Therefore they would rather have Jihadi mass murders then admit a concept that would destroy their very reason to live.

    The world has yet again entered the age of ideologues. This has been the prelude to world wars.

  2. Unreal. obama the pig and that lesbian napalitano are to blame for this. Put your kids through this you scums. Make a stand and don’t fly. Stop being sheep. That poor kid. Treated like a common criminal has his father stands there and lets it happen. Nice!

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