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Religion of Blood & Guts Exports 20 to Allah in Paki Mosque Bombing

Update: make that 50!

Update 2: make it 62!

Jawa Report: With their blood lust still not satisfied by the increase to 62 dead. The Taliban bombs another of Allah’s houses.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Police say a second mosque has been bombed in northwest Pakistan and several people have been wounded.

Jihadists murder 50 with suicide bomb during prayers at Pakistani mosque (JW)

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A suicide bomber, who was possibly targeting an anti-Taliban activist, attacked a mosque in northwest Pakistan during Friday prayers, killing at least 20 people and wounding 30 others, officials said.

The blast was the latest in a series of attacks to hit mosques and Sufi shrines in Pakistan, and underscored the relentless security challenge to a nation where Islamist militancy — as well as enmity among the various Muslim sects — have long run rampant.   (AP)

BallaBalla in Ramallah

Proper Islamic Indoctrination Needed:

Pales  weigh Islamic indoctrination for undisciplined U.S.-trained forces

RAMALLAH — The Palestinian Authority, alarmed by a decline in discipline, has been examining the introduction of Islamic doctrine in the security forces.

Hamas discovers that some of its own fighters were killed in Israel’s 2008-9 Gaza operation

After claiming for a year that nearly everyone killed was an innocent civilian. War Is Deceit, But Telling The Truth Is Easier Because Then You Don’t Have To Remember Your Story Update: “Hamas Official Comes Cleaner on Gaza Toll,” from IPT News, November 1 (JW)

Elder of Ziyon

PLO “ambassador” to US advocates expelling all Jews from “Palestine”

Its just that he is a “modern, western educated” Muslim.  So  what does that prove?

International Union of Muslim Scholars calls to destroy Israel

Qaradawi is possibly the most influential Sunni religious figure in the world.  Naturally, Western news media don’t give any coverage to the daily statements by even major Islamic figures inciting Muslims to murder a few million Jews. After all, it is a dog-bites-man story.

A nice background article on the group from Asharq al-Awsat discusses how the IUMS uses Israel to mask its internal problems.

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  1. I don’t care about moslems killing moslems anymore – I like reading the news that they do it to each other but I don’t care anymore.

    And that is where islam has hardened me. I also do not think that we should NOT waste any American or non-moslem life on a moslem anymore. Not one. If the person wants to die for a moslem – that is their choice. But as a country – we should not send any person out there to endanger their life for them. They do NOTHING for themselves – or anyone else as we have seen before Saddam was overthrown, or before the Taliban was removed. In fact, they work to replace the Taliban and moslems blame us for the moslems killing moslems in Iraq and say we killed them.

    I am sick of islam. I am sick of the moslems and their continual whining and trying to kill everyone so they think they will get their pathetic behinds into some brothel to abuse women and little boys for eternity.

    And that goes for the moslem women too who carry on much of islam’s atrocities like partaking in honor killing of their own children too, or mutilating the genitals of their girls, or whining and wailing they are victims or going out in protests and shouting ‘send the Jews back to the ovens’, or behave badly on campuses, or celebrate when their violent ones die while murdering others. They are just as sick as their male counterparts.

  2. Unfortunately we have an army of enablers and social workers working to convince us that “islam is peace”, and more education and dollars and sensitivity will magically transform islam … it is delusion, but it is backed up with laws, threats, bullying …

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