Religion of Sexual Perverts

Brunei Prince Has Six Big Statues Of Him Having Sex

The 55-year-old prince is the former owner of the New York Palace hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills and has a reputation for flamboyant excess.  Prince Jefri Bolkiah, brother of Sultan of Brunei, wants X-rated sex trophies out of court case…(Daily News)

PRINCE Jefri of Brunei starred in effigies of him having sex. Forget those statues of regents and generals riding horses – cop a load of Prince Jefri in regal doggy style pose, perfuming the missionary and doing his bit for female emancipation with a reverse cowboy.

The six “erotic statues” are housed on his $11 million Long Island estate. Jefri is not believed to have sat for his 3D portraits before artist J. Seward Johnson. Stand ins were used for the man who named his yachts “Tits”. (Anorak)

Two gangraped nurses expelled from hostel in Pakistan

Lucky if they don’t get stoned to death:

Sources said that the young women were kidnapped by four people from Sadar Bazaar where they had gone for shopping. The victims were gangraped after they asked the taxi driver to stop so that they could buy juice, a source said.   The women said they fell unconscious after drinking the juice and when they regained consciousness, they found themselves in a room where they were gangraped. (Times of India)

AN ALLEGED sex offender has been described to a jury as a “black magician in the guise of a devout Muslim” by the mother of one of his supposed victims

Allegations of satanic worship, attempted murder, and demonic possession have also emerged in the case of Mohammed Anjum at Teesside Crown Court. (Gazette UK)

Higher court to impose teen assault sentence

An Afghan refugee who indecently assaulted a teenager on an Adelaide train has been transferred to a higher court where tougher jail terms can be imposed.  Sayed Sidaqat, 34, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the 16-year-old girl on a city-bound train from Outer Harbor.  (ABC)

French official calls to restrain polygamy

Lies Hebbadj is married to four women and has 15 children, he was briefly arrested by the French police

Imitating Muhammad: 80-year-old Muslim marries 14-year-old girl

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” – Bukhari 7.62.88

Child marriage is common in some areas of the Islamic world in imitation of Muhammad’s example, since Muhammad is the supreme example of conduct for Muslims (cf. Qur’an 33:21). And so here again we confront the irony: Islamic spokesmen in the West routinely denounce as “Islamophobes” those who point out that Muhammad consummated his marriage with Aisha when he was 54 and she was 9, and claim that Aisha was much older, but in the Islamic world the Misunderstanders of Islam once again abound, and engage in or condone child marriage in imitation of Muhammad.

Note also in this story how the girl is considered to be the possession of either her husband or her father, with no say of her own.

Sharia Alert from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places: “80-year-old man marries 14-year-old,” from Emirates 24/7, November 3 (thanks to Jihad Watch)

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  1. * AN ALLEGED sex offender has been described to a jury as a “black magician in the guise of a devout Muslim” …

    [The 53-year-old, pictured, is accused of exposing his glitter-flecked private parts to two young children]

    First I thought it was Gary Glitter, but maybe Goldmember.

    Yeah baby!

    * An Afghan refugee who indecently assaulted a teenager on an Adelaide train …

    If he ends up in jail, or in the unlikely event he is deported, the good news is that another 23 pax & 2 crew have been met & greeted at Browse Island.

  2. The most powerful weapon against Islam

    …is the double-edged sword of taqiyya.

    Holy lying
    Muslims are encouraged to deceive infidels to advance the power of Islam. This deception can take many forms, including outright lies, pretence of ‘interfaith cooperation’, feigned moderation and condemnation of terrorist attacks to infidels while rejoicing in the carnage with fellow Muslims.

    This ‘Holy Lying’ is known as taqiyya (sometimes spelled taqiya or taquiya). It is holy because it is blessed by both Allah and Mohammed. Allah is ‘the best of deceivers’ (Koran 3.54), and Muhammad said “War is Deceit”; and Islam is always at war with the infidel until the Jews are exterminated, Christians enslaved, and all others converted or killed.

    Taqiyya is a very effective weapon for spreading Islam because all other religions have a high regard for telling the truth, and believe lying is a sin. Consequently, gullible infidels expect Muslim religious leaders to have the same respect for truth. So when Mullahs and Imams tell them that Islam is the Religion of Peace, they are predisposed to believe it.

    How taqiyya can backfire on Islam
    Although taqiyya is a very effective weapon for Islam, it is also a double-edged sword. Taqiyya is only effective as long as the infidels are unaware of it. Once the infidels suspect they are being systematically lied to, taqiyya works powerfully against Islam.

    People hate to be duped
    Once infidels have understood taqiyya, the Islamic propagandists have effectively put themselves in the position of the boy who cried wolf, and nobody will believe them even if they say that two and two makes four, without adding it up for themselves.

    Spread the word about taqiyya!
    Consequently, we must use taqiyya against Islam by making everyone aware of it. If there’s one fact that infidels need to know, it’s that Muslims tell lies to advance Islam.

    This is fundamental, and all else follows from it, because infidels will then question everything that they have been brainwashed into believing about Islam and everything their children are being taught in dhimmi schools, and will seek out independent sources on the web. They will also regard every statement from Muslims about Islam with the same cynicism they view politicians’ promises, especially if they know the basic tactics of taqiyya in advance, so they can slot every lie into the well-recognised categories listed here.

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