North Korea Attacks, Obama Regime Blames Israel

The UN urgesrestraint on both sides”.

North Korea attacks

Hussein Obama “outraged”- blames Israel:

Obama continues on his relentlessly anti-Israel, pro-jihad course. “Obama’s UN Officials Silent on Nine Anti-Israel Resolutions,” by Chana Ya’ar for Israel National News, November 22 (thanks to Weasel Zippers) via JW:

The United Nations Human Rights Council this month adopted nine resolutions against Israel. The United States opposed nothing….Other UNHRC members responded with a verbal assault against the Israeli diplomat, which was also not stopped by the Obama administration representative.

“There is no other terrorism on the surface of the planet like the terrorism committed by Israel,” claimed the Syrian delegate. “This entity was established on the basis of terrorism.”…

Yep. Lets destroy Israel and the global Jihad will -magically- disappear. Right?

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  1. I don’t suppose one has to adopt democratic human rights in order to be a member of the council ? sarc/off

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