Muslim Genocide of Christians Throughout Middle East

It is obvious by now that the Christians in the Middle East are an “endangered species.”

by Khaled Abu Toameh/Hudson New York (thanks to Mullah)

Christians in Arab countries are no longer being persecuted; they are now being slaughtered and driven out of their homes and lands.

Those who for many years turned a blind eye to complaints about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East now owe the victims an apology. Now it is clear to all that these complaints were not “Jewish propaganda.”

The war of genocide against Christians in the Middle East can no longer be treated as an “internal affair” of Iraq or Egypt or the Palestinians. What the West needs to understand is that radical Islam has declared jihad not only against Jews, but also against Christians.

In Iraq, Egypt and the Palestinian territories, Christians are being targeted almost on a daily basis by Muslim fundamentalists and secular dictators.

This Coptic Christian was doused with petrol in Egypt and set alight….

As if on cue:

The jihad against the Christians of Iraq continues apace, yet the world community continues to look the other way. “Iraq: Death threats continue to menace nation’s Christians,” from AKI, November 26

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Bono meets KRudd. Keep your hands on your wallet…!

Professional beggar “Bono”, falsely portrayed as a “rock singer”,  and failed Australian PM (now Foreign Minister)  KRudd met in Sydney to discuss poverty and aid. (Telegraph)

“Being nice” with other peoples money…..

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has met with U2 frontman Bono to talk about poverty and aid.

A spokesman for Mr Rudd said the pair met at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday for about 45 minutes, along with Make History Poverty co-chairs Andrew Hewett and Tim Costello.  (Ninemsm)

Sowdi Barbaria Sends Maids Home in Body Bags

Saudi ‘regrets’ Indonesian maid’s mistreatment ~ beat, burnt, broke bones, stabbed and slashed with scissors

Islamization Watch

Nov. 17, 2010, Sumiati from Indonesia lies in a bed at King Fahd hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia. She arrived in Saudi Arabia a high-spirited 23-year-old, eager to start work as a maid so she could help support her family back home. Four months later, Sumiati was Indonesia’s poster child for migrant abuse.

The real question is how many maids are going to have to be carried out of that place on a stretcher?

Kissing up: official of the Indonesian consulate in Jeddah.

“(Ms) Sumiati is recovering now. She is in a good state of health … her appetite is good,” Mr Wahyudi told AFP.

“But she needs to be operated on at least once again, on her abdomen,” he added.

This is an example of how much the Indonesians don’t want to offend ~ there are two parts, people can earn a lot of money relative to what they earn in their countries. And two, the Indonesians view the Saudis as superior ~ as God’s chosen people.

These countries have classes on how to be a maid in a foreign country ~ where these girls could just as easily learn computers or some other valuable skill.
There are no laws to protect foreign workers. I’m surprised this lady was even arrested.

AN INDONESIAN maid badly beaten by her Saudi employer is recovering but faces more operations, an Indonesian diplomat said, as the Saudi labour ministry said it regretted the case.

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Tomorrows News Today: Arkansaw Muslims Fear 'Backlash' Over Arrest of Muslim Who Carried Explosives

Arkansas: Muslim arrested for possession of explosives

Just ransom explosives, and random loud bangs coming from his pickup. Happens every day. Perfectly ordinary, perfectly random. Nothing to see here. “Arkansas Man Arrested in Smyth Co. for Possession of Explosives,” from, November 27 (thanks to Pamela Geller via JW):

Smyth Co.,VA- An Arkansas man was arrested, and charged with multiples [sic] counts of manufacturing and possessing explosive devices after a traffic stop in Smyth County.

In other news:

Muslim businessman in Texas sells $36 million worth of mislabeled and potentially dangerous food to U.S. military

He knew what he was doing: “American Grocers shipped so much stale merchandise that the company bought paint solvent by the barrel and set up assembly lines to wipe out the old labels to make room for the phony dates.” So what was his intent? Just to make a profit? Or to cripple the military in Iraq as well? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? After all, we have seen cases like this before, although details remain elusive.

“Texas businessman settles military food mislabeling case for $15 million,” by P.J. Huffstutter and Andrew Blankstein for the Los Angeles Times, November 20 (thanks to Creeping Sharia/JW)

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Al Azahr Seeks "Dialogue"


The Moslems are stuck. For the soldiers of allah “dialogue” means da’awa, calling the unbelievers to Islam. This is about “inviting” the Jews to embrace Islam,  about mending their ways, “to follow the right path”,  to stop denying that Muhammad was the last profit, to admit that the rabbis forged the scriptures that announced the coming of the holy profit, and to submit, or else.  Of course the sons of apes and pigs are always welcome to accept their natural status as dhimmies, to live as “protected people” under  the benevolent rule of Muslims, but we all know that the Jews are the “vilest of creatures” devoid of logic and common sense who will -once again- reject this generous offer to  ‘revert’……

Al Azhar to start dialogue with Those Who Must Not Be Named (Zvi)

From JPost:

Scholars at the oldest Islamic university in the world issued a proclamation on Tuesday that lifted an ancient ban on dialogue with Jews, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The statement drafted by Sheikh Fawzi al-Zifzaf, chairman of the permanent committee for dialogue at Al- Azhar University in Cairo, was read during a gathering of senior faith and political leaders at Parliament in London.

“And the point of origin of this invitation is Islam itself [calling for] brotherhood and mutual understanding and the strengthening of bonds between Muslims and followers of the other religions, and the establishment of bridges of dialogue with scholarly institutions in Europe and America,” Zifzaf wrote.

The event was hosted by the Children of Abraham charity and Al-Azhar Institute for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions.

The Egyptian Sunni institute, founded in 970 CE, has had open channels of communication with Catholics and Anglicans since the 1990s; however, until now, it has had no direct talks with Jewish scholars.

While the proclamation did not mention Judaism by name, a spokesman for the grand mufti of the UK and alumnus of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Prof. Mohamed Elsharkawy, told the Post on Wednesday that its message was aimed at a Jewish audience.

You’ve got to understand there are extreme sensitivities,” the spokesman said.

“I’m not at liberty to say how hard it was to draft the document. In the process, the people who have taken the document forward have done so at great risk and danger, and so they’ve done that very carefully. There already exists a dialogue with Christians, so anyone with two brain cells can add up to what is being said here.”

I won’t be holding my breath.

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They steal, they lie, they kill. And the world kisses their ass. (Pamela Geller)

Muslims Claim Jerusalem’s Western Wall of the First and Second Jewish Temple to Have “No Religious Significance to Jews”

Rotten Inside


The Victoria Police disease has spread to Western Australia, where the anti-racism police would rather let a criminal escape than tell people what he looks like: POLICE say a ban on using ethnic or religious words to describe offenders is obstructing investigations… (What African?-Bolt)

KRudd is against gay marriage when he’s not for it:

KRUDD: The position that the Government has put, I believe, is quite clear and that is that marriage is between a man and a woman.

That is the position I hold personally.

Or not, depending on the circumstances.  (Scratchy KRudd, tired and leaking/Bolt)

Julia Gillard went into the election firmly promising the Christian community “we believe the marriage act is appropriate in its current form, that it’s recognising that marriage is between a man and a woman”. Holding to that promise is getting harder by the day:

FINANCE Minister Penny Wong has broken her silence on gay marriage, promising to campaign to change Labor’s national platform to allow marriage between same-sex couples.

Peanut Khadr, acting PR monkey for Kim Yong Il: “North Korea deserves our respect”

North Koreans take whatever actions they consider necessary to defend themselves from  a military attack supported by the United States. If we could only sign some kind of peace treaty we could get along swell…. (WaPo)

NPR: Obama’s Fat Lip Could Improve Image With Jong Il, Ahmadinejad and Putin

That might work for Tingles and other libtarded media wankers, but not for the real world…..

Hussein Obama Blames The Internet For Why People Think He Is Muslim

Only an airhead like Barbara Walters would still be confused about the Muslim impostor…..(Mediate)

Obama: I Read the Bible and Pray Every Night (For G*ddam America?)

Hussein Obama told Barbara Walters that he reads the Bible and prays every night. Here is one of those famous prayers his spiritual mentor taught him:

At least he didn’t tell the reporter he was a Muslim this time.

My, that hurts:

Fox host Napolitano is a 9-11 Truther: “It couldn’t possibly have been done the way the government told us”

Napolitano: “It Couldn’t Possibly Have Been Done The Way The Government Told Us”

Switzerland Votes on the Expulsion of Criminal Foreigners

Black sheep posters return before deportation vote (Yahoo News)

That’s not the issue. Swiss citizens have every right to protect themselves from criminal foreigners. Why should the  free citizens of Switzerland put up with criminal welfare seekers who have no intention to respect the law of the land?

Because the parliament noticed that the people are very much in favor of the “Ausschaffungsinitiative,” it  prepared a “compromise” counter project of full legal back doors, in order to prevent the will of the people to succeed……

Yahoo News

GENEVA – The posters show white sheep kicking black sheep off the Swiss flag.

They were widely condemned as racist when the Swiss People’s Party launched them three years ago. Now, as the nationalist party’s demand to automatically deport foreigners convicted of serious crimes goes before a Sunday referendum, the posters have been cropping up again in stations and squares.

Polls show the message is getting through.

A survey published last week by polling group gfs.bern showed 54 percent of voters approved the measure, which also proposes to kick out foreigners found guilty of benefit fraud. In the poll of 771 voters conducted Nov. 8-13, 43 percent opposed the plan and 3 percent were undecided.

Under Switzerland’s unique political system, any group wanting to change the law can collect 100,000 signatures to force a referendum. Last year the country drew international condemnation after voters defied a government recommendation and approved a law to ban the construction of minarets.

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff on the Death of Free Speech in EUrabia

“Once a country accepts censorship of the press and of speech, then nothing can be won without violence.”

“The principle of free speech is not concerned with the content of a man’s speech and does not protect only the expression of good ideas, but all ideas. If it were otherwise, who would determine which ideas are good and where forbidden? The government?”

“Once a country accepts censorship of the press and of speech, then nothing can be won without violence. Therefore, so long as you have free speech, protect it. This is the life-and-death issue in this country: do not give up the freedom of the press — of newspapers, books, magazines, radio, movies, and other forms of presenting ideas. So long as that’s free, a peaceful intellectual turn is possible.” Ayn Rand

In other news:

The same fraudulent prosecutors will do: The public prosecution department does not have to appoint new lawyers to lead the prosecution of Geert Wilders on inciting hatred and discrimination charges

The Time That is Given Us

(Gates of Vienna)

The International Free Press Society sponsored a conference today in Copenhagen. Below is the speech that was given during the event by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff (photo © Snaphanen).

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I stand here before you in the city of Copenhagen in the year 2010. This is widely considered to be an enlightened country in the heart of an enlightened continent.

Our basic freedoms have long been guaranteed — first by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as passed by the United Nations in 1948, and then buttressed by the Council of Europe in 1950 through the European Convention of Human Rights, which was later affirmed by the European Union. Our individual countries have additionally codified the same basic rights in their own constitutions.

Here’s the link to the UN Press Release, which includes a bunch of other agendas.

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How the term “Islamophobia” got shoved down your throat

An Islamophobe is a non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam

I’ve maintained for years that the term “Islamophobia” was a politically manipulative coinage designed to silence critics of Islamic supremacism. Now Claire Berlinski explains how Islamic supremacists devised it for precisely that purpose. “Moderate Muslim Watch: How the Term ‘Islamophobia’ Got Shoved Down Your Throat,” by Claire Berlinski at, November 24 (thanks to Creeping Sharia via JW):

A unicorn from the Tundra Tabloids

Now here’s a point you might deeply consider: The neologism “Islamophobia” did not simply emerge ex nihilo. It was invented, deliberately, by a Muslim Brotherhood front organization, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, which is based in Northern Virginia. If that name dimly rings a bell, it should: I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s particularly important because it was co-founded by Anwar Ibrahim–the hero of Moderate Islam who is now trotting around the globe comparing his plight to that of Aung San Suu Kyi.Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of the IIIT who has renounced the group in disgust, was an eyewitness to the creation of the word. “This loathsome term,” he writes,

is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.

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Strange Flag Display:

SINGAPORE (AP) — Singapore rebuked its national water polo team for wearing swim trunks that feature an “inappropriate” likeness of the city-state’s flag.  (Singapore is not even an Islamic country.) The Blaze