Stupid voters

Top political scientist: U.S. voters are ‘pretty damn stupid’

Hmm, I guess he has a point. if you are one of the people who voted for Obama in the hope that he would “pay your mortgage and put gas in your car”  you are  indeed…. pretty stoopid. (Washington Examiner)

King of Nation With Glorious Universal Health Coverage to Come to US for Medical Treatment (Michelle Malkin)

Hillary Clitman Says She’d Avoid TSA Pat-Down if at All Possible US

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How The Old Media Constantly Undermines Sarah Palin

Most media-watching conservatives have simply been flabbergasted at how the Old Media establishment has so neatly come together to destroy Sarah Palin. The Internet has been abuzz with examples of this attack on Sarah since she was chosen by John McCain to be her number two during the campaign for the 2008 presidential election. Every day there is a new example of it and here is yet another one.  (Breitbart)

No wonder her son’s a moonbat too:

Barbara Bush Hopes ‘Beautiful’ Palin Will Stay in Alaska Politics


Man Arrested for Trying to Record Underwear Strip-Down at TSA Checkpoint Government

“TSA needs to see that I’m not carrying any weapons, explosives, or other prohibited substances…”


WatchDetained If Not Guilty: Clinton Admits Civilian Terrorist Trials Are Political Theater for Terrorism Obsessed Americans Politics

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  1. What a deep disappointment you are Hillary.

    So let’s get this straight “9/11 never happened?”

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