That was fast: lying burqa momma out on bail


Australia: Muslim woman gets 6 months for falsely accusing police officer of removing her hijab

Marisol’s point here about the statement that Muslim dress makes about Western society is important. In addition, it is worth noting how this is yet another illustration of a fake Muslim hate crime. Portraying oneself as a victim so as to gain the special protections and freedom from scrutiny that victim status offers — it’s a growth industry.

This one was a claim of victim status that backfired, as it did for Safia Jilani, another hijabbed Muslim woman who faked a hate crime against herself. More on this story. “Hijab woman sentenced to six months,” by Sarah Malik for NineMSN, November 19 (thanks to JW):

Sydney Moonbat Herald can’t tell hijab from freedom sack:

“Hijab woman”  jailed for six months for false complaint about police

A Muslim woman sentenced to six months’ jail for falsely accusing a police officer of removing her veil has lodged an appeal and been released on bail.

Lawyers for Matthews quickly lodged an appeal to the District Court against the conviction and sentence. Matthews was released on bail pending the appeal hearing

Carnita Matthews, 46, of Woodbine in Sydney’s south, was found guilty today of knowingly making a false complaint relating to events in June.

The mother of seven was stopped in June by a police officer at Woodbine for a random breath test.

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She later filed a police complaint alleging the officer who pulled her over had tried to pull off her hijab, which concealed her entire face except for her eyes.

But in Campbelltown Local Court today, magistrate Robert Rabbidge said the evidence was “overwhelming” that Matthews had submitted a false declaration to police.

“There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind beyond a reasonable doubt that she knew that the complaint she was making was false,” he said.

Lawyers for Matthews quickly lodged an appeal to the District Court against the conviction and sentence.

Matthews was released on bail pending the appeal hearing.

8 thoughts on “That was fast: lying burqa momma out on bail”

  1. This brood cow has had seven children – all of them potential lying muslim parasites and terrorists – and I will bet that we have paid for the upkeep of these potential seven soldiers of satin. A usual working family can afford one or two children at best – so why have we allowed this dishonest cow (her dishonesty has been proven) the possibility to abuse our social welfare system so often???

  2. Yep – “Large Family Payment” courtesy of Centrelink will ensure a cushy lifestyle for this amazing example of responsible parenting.

    She was purely being an excellent role model for her children, indoctrinating her brood into the various uses of taqiyya – falsely accusing a Police Officer of a sackable offense, showing that man made law does not apply to members of Goat herder Extremist 101 (Islam) and that you can manipulate a western system of law if you all dress like a mail box.

    I look forward to seeing the reasons given for the inevitable protests from the fellow Goat Herders of Sydney over this one…

  3. Can you believe it? She didn’t care what she did to the policeman. she broke the law, abused the police and lied in revenge because she thought she was beyond reproach wearing a face mask and now she is out on bail pending an appeal. Only because she is a muslim. Arrogance and Taqqyi at its best. I have no sympathy and no compassion. Nor do I believe that it should be legal to drive a car with your periferal vision obscured. Let her husband look after the kids while she pays for her crime, after all, he impregnated her seven times and most likely insisted she wear the burqa.

  4. The Hag in Bag will not serve a minute more behind bars than that she has already served.

    “The creators of Australia’s Multicultural Industry will no doubt fix the appeal for this lieing Muslim, the Magistrate will no doubt be counseled and re educated in the ways of the Labor Party, Leftist,Independent,”New Age Social Justice” Islamic Supremacist Legal system and will, if he has no other career options, confess his sins and proclaim his enlightenment and tow the Labor Party Multicultural line, he will always be watched and monitored and will no doubt retire from the Magistrates bench due to “illness” or “family reasons” in the not too distant future.”

    At least there was ONE Australian Magistrate prepared to put his career on the line in the name of JUSTICE.

  5. Colonization of Australia by Australian Council of Trade Unions FUNDED Australian Labor Party , Islamic INSURGENTS will continue so long as the Australian people believe the LIE that all cultures RELIGIONS Social Structures , Legal Systems are EQUAL and that SOCIALISM,Multiculturalism, Islamism,the UN is, all of a sudden the ANSWER!!!

  6. Besides a huge income from Centrelink for 7 children, doesn’t the government make a payment (award!) of a few thousand dollars for each baby born. Around $2000 to $5000 – not sure of the correct amount. Nice little earner for mohammedan breeders. No wonder they are flocking to OZ.

  7. I ‘m a aussie , but these folks ( note she dives a $80,000 car, a model most working aussie cant afford) who live on welfare here and live their lives are killing us , this woman got her advice from Mamdu habib a ex guantanimo bay detaineee who was set free via technicality . She built up a false case asking for $5 million aussie bucks then went to court , when they got trhere they realised there qas video showing her to be a liar , 3 months of trying to block the video then she denied she made the complaint , another 3 months in court all at taxpayers expence because she is on welfare , trying to block all attempts to show evidence that she lied ,

    Aint we enough of this ? we have islamic school kids making up fake hate crimes but when caught , the government helps cover it up and says it was a misunderstanding!!!

    its not a misunderstanding to have a 6 year old draw mohammed then say the christian kid did it and demand $3 million dollars from the school only to realise the school has cameras too and saw it all .

    I’m a Aussie and a proud one , i’ve been a member of our armed forces for 28+ years ( retired now) but these people are destroying my nation and the politicians are helping

    blood is coming , i can sence it , i wish it was not so but the only way out of this crap is bloodshed , and lots of it , before they do it to us

    politicians in Australia your gonna bleed first

    fix it fix it now or you have been told

  8. One of the lawyers for this burqa-bitch is bloody unbelievable. This lawyer, Stephen Hopper is well-known sly lawyer who is much manipulated to defend the muslims includes some of the high profile includes Sheik Hilali (Cat meat) and Mamdouh Habib (former Guantanamo Bay prisoner in Cuba) in the courts. This lawyer reminded me of the movie called Devil’s Advocate.

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