2 thoughts on “The Death Throes of Free Speech in Europe”

  1. Public incitement: “to hell with freedom”,” islam will dominate the world”. “USA is the great satan, israel the little satan”.
    public dissemination;” kill the unbelievers/jews/christians”.
    public denying of genocide; “holocaust did not happen”, “christians
    are not murdered in Dafur”, “egyptian copts are not murdered”.

    Islam is a religious, political, judicial, cultural and societal system
    ruled by sharia law that does not recognise ANY other law(s) with
    the object of complete world-domination.

    Europe’s judicial, societal and cultural survival can only be
    established through dictatorship that gets rid of politics& religions
    instead of protecting them for the love of money & interests & power.

  2. It is a fact that the EU is financing the negatives they want to avoid
    in Europe by aiding the palestinians.
    Hipocrisy-hipocrasy-hipo crazy-hyper crazy.

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