WTF are we fighting for?

Afghanistan: Convert from Islam to Christianity arrested, tortured, faces trial for apostasy

But wait! I thought all the learned analysts had assured us that there is no death penalty for apostasy in Islam! Isn’t that right, Dr. Bassiouni? Mr. Kruse? Ms. Heagney?

Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government has done this before. Remember Abdul Rahman?

“Mossa’s day in court,” by Mindy Belz in World Magazine, November 13 (thanks to JW)

Absolute insanity. Not one of our soldiers should have to die to establish “Democracy Under Sharia” – Mission Impossible  in a corrupt and hopeless land such as Afghanistan.

Pakistan: Christian woman sentenced to death for “blasphemy” (not to worry, the pope is onto it. If he cannot save her, who will?

The family of a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy is appealing the verdict with the Lahore High Court. Asia Bibi, a mother of two and field hand, was sentenced to death for allegedly making slanderous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad. (JW)

Update: “The campaign to confront the country’s blasphemy laws…is hampered by the danger of being accused of undermining Islam” (JW)

Religion of gun-fighting clerics

QUETTA, Pakistan — A shootout inside a mosque in southwestern Pakistan wounded 18 people Wednesday in a dispute over who should lead prayers for one of Islam’s most important holidays, police said. (Canadian Press)

Don’t judge this too harshly. After all, don’t we hear about shootouts in churches all the time, over who has to clean up after the potluck supper, or who gets to be head of the parish council? Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes, It’s Really A Religion of Peace Update: “Pakistan mosque shootout leaves 18 injured,” from the Associated Press, November 17:

A shootout in a mosque in south-western Pakistan, caused by a dispute over who should lead prayers on one of Islam’s most important holidays, has left 18 people injured, police said today.Followers of the two rival religious leaders pulled out weapons and began shooting after arguing over which one should start Eid al-Adha prayers at a small mosque in the Khuzdar district of Baluchistan province, Javed Ahmed, a police official, said….

And given the ever-present journalistic imperative to whitewash Islam, AP hastens to assure us that this is not the norm in a paragraph that would never find a counterpart in a story about a pedophile priest or money-grubbing evangelist:

Millions of people throughout Pakistan have been peacefully celebrating Eid al-Adha….

Oh, well, then!

Turkish Muslims Steal Sheep for Eid ‘Sacrifice’… (TROP)