Australia should deport the "refugee advocates" along with the invading jihadists….

What’s been an obvious rort for months – even to outside observers – is finally news to the gullible Gillard Government:

Almost half the boat people who claim to be minors may be lying about their age to gain favourable treatment while in detention on Christmas Island, immigration officials fear, prompting tougher checks of birth dates.

But refugee advocates are worried the crackdown on ages is “bordering on paranoia” and harming asylum seekers’ chances of staying here.

How easy is it to con this incompetent Government? (Andrew Bolt)

2 thoughts on “Australia should deport the "refugee advocates" along with the invading jihadists….”

  1. To say the Gillard government is naive is an understatement. They are a bunch of buffoons who wouldn’t know their ass from their elbows. To them politics is all about power.
    I am a migrant and people like me have come here to call Australia home and to be accepted as Aussies. These f***ing muslim turds come here to change our country and our way of life. I totally agree with you that not only these muslim bastards but also their legal advisers should be fed to the sharks. These legal representatives are a flock of vultures who would sell their mothers down the Yarra for a price.

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