Australia in the News

KRudd is everywhere:

KRudd is due to leave Ethiopia tomorrow and will then visit Switzerland, Turkey, Greece and Liechtenstein.


(the man who spent it all….)

Gillard makes you pay (again) for the money she wasted:

– Gillard in fact confirms that these programs were always inefficient, unfair and unncessary. So why were they ever imposed on us in the first place? How many billions have been wasted?

Even the tennis writers of The Age seem obliged to preach  Lefitst Ideology:  Australia Day commemorates England’s armed occupation of Australia

3 thoughts on “Australia in the News”

  1. And as prices soar, how will those on a low income or pensioners cope with the increase. I cant see how they will survive. But, who gives a continental about them, they have no voice. They are just another victim of politicians decisions which, the voters have never voted for.

  2. We the people are asked to pay a levy for Queensland/Victoria floods. I am not against this but am angry that Kevin Rudd is wasting taxpayers’ money flitting all over the world – and for what? Also I am rather annoyed at taxpayers’ money going to build schools in Indonesia – when our own children suffer from non-airconditioned classrooms. Australian children are the future voters remember!

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