Lauren Booth: "Western women are bored, lonely and oppressed…"

… and Tony BLair is a war criminal!

First things first:

“Western women are bored, lonely and oppressed.”…


She is still a Western woman. There is a good chance she’s still bored and lonely, despite her conversion to Islam.

She didn’t turn into something else just because she wraps herself in shrouds and gets her daughters ready for FGM and child-marriage. (Or did she?)

As for “oppression” I think she actually means constipation.    She’s just mixed up by all these “shots of spiritual morphine…”

Tony Blair’s Muslim sister-in-law wants him tried for war crimes

Islam trumps family ties. “Blair sister-in-law wants him tried for Iraq crimes,” from AFP, January 26 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

KUALA LUMPUR — Former prime minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, a rights campaigner and Muslim convert, said on Wednesday that he should be tried for war crimes over the invasion of Iraq.

Booth, the half-sister of Blair’s barrister wife Cherie, is in Malaysia for lectures organised by Viva Palestina, a British-based organisation associated with controversial politician George Galloway.

Asked whether Blair should be arrested and sent to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for war crimes, Booth replied: “Absolutely. He misled the British people and took Britain to war on a lie.”

The conflict in Iraq was “an offence”, she told reporters after a speech at a Malaysian university, saying it was organised well in advance between Blair and the United States leadership.

Booth has been a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq, and a supporter of the Palestinian cause, and in 2008 travelled with other activists to Gaza by ship to protest against Israel’s blockade of the territory.

The 43-year-old, who wore a black headscarf that tightly framed her face as she gave an address on “Islam from the perspective of Western women”, discussed her own conversion which took place 15 weeks ago.

“My friends think I was naive and stupid, they have rubbished me so much,” she said. “Really, joining Islam is not a trendy thing to do.

“Friends ask me, don’t you miss going to the pub?”

But she defended her decision, which came after a trip to Iran in September 2010, and said that perceptions about Muslim women were incorrect.

“I sat down in the mosque in Iran, there was such tranquility. I had the compulsion to pray and from then on I knew I was a Muslim,” she said.

“Muslim women are not oppressed, it is Western women who are oppressed… Western women are bored, lonely and oppressed.”…

And becoming a slave is clearly a viable alternative.

eye on the world is puzzled:

What is it about converts to Islam and them hating the West?

(UK) I’ve written before about how converts to Islam, in which to show to the rest of the umma that they are just as faithful and pious as born Muslims, throw common sense out of the window and quickly walk down the path of attacking the lands they came from. Be it Yvonne Ridley attacking Muslims who fly the British flag, 19-year-oldGermaine Maurice Lindsay murdering 26 people on the London underground, or even thick c–t Nicky Reilly who, while priming his homemade bomb in a restaurant toilet, couldn’t open the door which saw the bomb blow up in his face. The one constant about converts to Islam is the open hatred they express to their former friends, family and country. Well, so it is with latest Islamic convert Lauren Booth. Yup, the sister-in-law to Tony Blair who was bailed out the other month by his wife to the tune of thousands of pounds, has gone public in demanding that Tony should be prosecuted for war crimes. While she was basking in the spotlight, she also had this to say about Islam and women:

“Muslim women are not oppressed, it is Western women who are oppressed… Western women are bored, lonely and oppressed.”

Sheik sez:

The despicable Lauren Booth’s got it backwards, if she knew what she’s got herself into she would commit suicide, but she’s probably too dumb to understand what Islam is all about.

BLiar guilty of war crimes?

But of course! Did he and his cronies not import hundreds of thousands of soldiers of allah to change the social fabric of Britain forever? As a result, we see total destruction instead.

UK: NuLabour’s Immigration Policy of Mass Immigration Was Intended to Remodel the Social Fabric of the Nation…

That, of course, is high treason. But Churchill is out and dhimmitude is in.

We need to bring Churchill’s common sense back:

“It is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invader’s hearth.” (Winston Churchill)

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  1. Her Dad was the feckless couch dwelling scouse git from the British comedy “til death do us part”. In real life he was a hangover living in human form. Obviously 40 or so years ago he had lost too many brain cells for genetic transfer. Sad misguided fools they always fall prey to strange cults.

  2. It hilarious when people are insane they really never see it themselves. It’s only by their moronic actions and words can others tell of their sad state of mind. She converted without realizing the ramifications of Islamic Sharia law. Once she converted, she could not sleep with her husband, a kaffir. Therefore she must be stoned to death. Then again with as fat and ugly as she is, I don’t know how any man could bring himself to jump in the sack with her. So she probably doesn’t have any worries in the ‘stoning’ department.

  3. This woman is just plain “Bonkers” … let’s just see how long this conversion to the Religion of Peace lasts. When the publicity fades and/or her handlers are no longer interested in this useful idiot (?), she will probably become a Mormon or Scentologist.

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