Death Threats


“Cartoons, if they target Islam, can be more hazardous to your health than crossing the mighty U.S. government and its allies”

Molly Norris should be given full protection by a U.S. Government determined to defend the freedom of speech against violent jihadist intimidation. Instead, we get yet more dhimmitude. “Leaks OK, but don’t cross Islam,” by Debra J. Saunders, January 5 (thanks to JW)


A Kurdish poet who lives in western Sweden has filed a police report after receiving a death threat from Islamists in northern Iraq. (The Local)

Lets blame the cartoons, not Muslim assassins:


Son of Imam Blames Islam for Backwardness of Muslim World; Receives Death Threats

A Muslim author living in Germany, the son of an Egyptian Imam, dares to criticize Islam, and other Muslims issue death threats. This on the heels of the governor of Punjab being killed for denouncing Pakistan’s blasphemy law, the same law that would probably be used against this author if he were unfortunate enough to live in Pakistan. It’s a wonder we don’t hear more people in the Islamic world speak critically of Islam…

Hamad ‘Abd-al-Samad: I Consider Islam Part of the Problem in the Islamic World

Sweden/UK: Bomber’s widow posted suicide message online

In another interview the recent widow said (h/t Jihad Watch): “Some people said Taimour is a martyr. I don’t know whether he is or he isn’t. All I can say is that I totally condemn terrorism.”

In plain English: she doesn’t know whether he’s a hero or not, but she’s ‘totally condemning’ whatever it is he did. And now, it turns out she posted her husband’s last message on YouTube, where he threatens to kill Swedish children, just so people will know why he blew himself up. Again, she condemns his actions (for public consumption, while her own parents warned her about becoming a radicalized Muslim…)

Via the Local: