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Until recently, Canada was considered part of the free world. But then political correctness got completely out of control: Kangaroo Court Grants Cash Reward to Militant Homosexuals for Alleged Name-Calling

Needless to say, they are “very happy” with the latest insane ruling.

They won’t be so happy when continued abuse of perverts’ privileged status inevitably leads to a backlash. Calling people “homophobes” might not always cause them to cringe in terror.

Here‘s how you can escape doing prison time in a world run by liberals:

A transsexual drug dealer has escaped a jail sentence after a judge ruled it would ruin his chances of completing a sex change.

The case isn’t unique:

In July a transsexual who downloaded pornographic images of children was spared jail because the judge said prison would be an “appalling experience” for him.  (Moonbattery)

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  1. And everyone wonders why the Jihadists have it out for us. Then again it just might be Islams at fault. I say let the Judges do their prison time for moronic decisions like that!

  2. And more supine idiocy here

    Gay Couple Win B&B Discrimination Case

    The notice read: “We have few rules but please note that out of a deep regard for marriage we prefer to let double accommodation to heterosexual married couples only.”

    Ben Summerskill, from Stonewall, welcomed the ruling.

    He said: “You can’t turn away people from a hotel because they’re black or Jewish and in 2011 you shouldn’t be able to demean them by turning them away because they’re gay either.

    “Religious freedom shouldn’t be used as a cloak for prejudice.”

    Mrs Bull has argued that even her brother and his female partner were not allowed to share a room in her house due to her strict religious beliefs.

    Their legal fees were paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, while Mr and Mrs Bull’s defence was funded by The Christian Institute.

    Outside court Mrs Bull said the result was a disappointment.

    “Our double-bed policy was based on our sincere beliefs about marriage, not hostility to anybody,” she said.

  3. On Thursday 20 January, a Christian counsellor will be summoned before a Professional Conduct Panel for giving therapy to a homosexual man who pretended to be a Christian wishing to stop practising homosexuality.

    Lesley Pilkington, a counsellor with over 20 years of experience, is defending herself against a formal complaint by Patrick Strudwick, a homosexual journalist who secretly recorded two therapy sessions with her by strapping a recording device under his clothing. Mr. Strudwick published an account of the sessions in The Independent and has since received the award of journalist of the year by the homosexual-rights organisation Stonewall.

    The journalist met Lesley at a Christian conference and told Lesley that he wanted to leave his homosexual lifestyle and wanted help to change. Lesley confirmed that she would be happy to meet with him but only within a Christian counselling context. Shortly after the conference, and still acting undercover, the journalist contacted Lesley and said that he thought they were on the same wavelength and asked to meet with her.

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