"Germans are Dogs"

Freedom of Speech or Cultural Enrichment?

An Iranian held up a placard on Saturday in the city of Goettingen saying “Germans are dogs”, provoking passers by.

When questioned, the unemployed Iranian pulled a knife. In what turned into a scuffle, he injured two other men who tried to intervene and a woman. (Thanks to PI: “Deutsche sind Hunde”)


Rhineland-Palatinate: Ministry wants schools to be Islam-friendly

No matter what they do, it will never be Islam-friendly enough:

The Culture Ministry of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate, led by the SPD, plans Islam-friendly classes, reports news magazine Focus, based on a circular currently being distributed to teachers. Continue reading

6 thoughts on “"Germans are Dogs"”

  1. For the most part these people from eons of in-breading continue to be murders, thieves and degenerates for their ways that are more relative to Satan’s dominion that to God’s. Jesus was the one and only Son of God and divine teacher and profit. Never had sex with little girls. Never murdered. Gave himself until the unbeliever’s crucified him. Who Jesus said would follow was the Holy Spirit. NOT another profit. Certainly NOT the likes of Muhammad. How, it is proven through records he did all of the above. Islamists live blinded by their own conviction which deep down they know have bound them for hell, but are to ignorant to understand. They stumble through exhistance ever trying to do enough good to saved by God. All dressed up and no place to go.

  2. Lock the bastard up with a real, rabid pitbull dog. Ironically, he would have more in common with the dog than with a German anyway!

  3. * Rhineland-Palatinate: Ministry wants schools to be Islam-friendly

    Nazism’s deadly wound continues to heal. I doubt these schools will be “Jew-friendly” for long, or at all.

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