Glenn Beck vs Marxist Scarecrow Fox Piven

Ripping Sharpton a new one:

Here’s the poor frail old granny Fox Piven who wants to set the world on fire:

This hag is stewing in her own vomit. Piven cites her 1960′s article in “The Nation” where she wrote “poor people claim lawful benefits” — like the game plan isn’t hidden in that benign phrase — and admonishes Glenn for exposing her (and others’) “insidious” agenda while calling fully awake American citizens “insidious”. Conspirators always decry “conspiracy theory” and tar the accusers with their guilty brush. Oldest trick in the world.

Frances Fox Piven said:

“In my case, it’s a little article that I wrote with my husband 45 years ago in The Nation magazine proposing that poor people claim their lawful benefits from the welfare system.”

A welfare system, by definition, isn’t a right – OTHER PEOPLE are providing the welfare.

Frances Fox Piven Rings in The New Year By Calling for Violent Revolution

“An effective movement…will have to look something like the strikes and riots that have spread across Greece…”   Read More »

Her short-sighted proposal has created a culture which does not innovate, destroys the productivity of those that do, has destroyed marriages, made people homeless, raised the cost of producing food, influenced people to commit suicide – and in past such governments, have seen hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered for claiming their rights to function, and be seen, as individuals.

Again, as I have said before, the flaw in Marxism is that there is a double-standard when it comes to property rights: Marxism says that poor people deserve to keep what they work for, but somehow rich people don’t. And further, Marxism completely ignores the fact that you get rich in the exact same way poor people get fed: work! And if someone else is richer than you, those riches belong to them, and you have to negotiate with them what you will get for working for them – it’s their riches, just like your belongings are yours, and you can both do whatever you want with your own belongings. Nobody owes us their wealth, or even a job.

Thanks for helping destroy our country, you ignoramus. What the hell are you doing teaching in our classrooms?

“The part at the end of the interview where they both suddenly stop talking, is because she went off script and mention that she called again for revolution back in December. Soros wanted it to seem like Beck was victimizing her over a 45 year old little article in the Nation.”

Oh my god, I didn’t catch that! I think you’re right!

Piven said:

“Well, the death threats – I think they began – You know I don’t watch Glenn Beck, and I don’t look at his blog, “The Blaze”, so my friends or my students have to tell me what’s going on, or I don’t pay any attention. I think the death threats escalated (at least) after I wrote an article that was on The Nation blog at the end of December – it was published in their January 10th issue – and it was a short essay trying to examine why the unemployed were not protesting – why they weren’t doing what they had done during earlier periods of very serious periods of unemployment, which was marching, rallying – …”

Oh, the 60s marches and rallies, and the Greek riots of today, both included more than marching and rallying, didn’t they? They were/are both violent.

Piven wanted to mention something else that they were doing in the 60s, and that she wonders why it wasn’t happening today – but she caught herself.


She just linked the Greek riots to the 60s riots, and she thinks that should be happening in America.

In the linked videos Glenn talks about the impending Revolution in America.

Glenn discusses some of the players and strategies that they will use to fulfill Hussein Obama’s campaign pledge to “…..fundamentally change America.” As you might expect every Revolution must have its villain and America’s Revolution will be orchestrated by……..(wait for it)….you guessed it, our old favorite, George Soros. (Source)

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  1. Gramfan,

    The Pal Arabs want all the benefits and the destruction of Israel at the same time.

    Surveys like this encourage wishful thinking and ignore the reality of the ideology that demands the destruction of the Jewish state.

    I’m not impressed.

    This is no different from the “moderate Muslims” that invade the West thanks to our socialist engineers in order to change the fabric of our society forever, without ever asking the Muslims whether they agree with a “moderate form of Islam”. Of course they won’t, and they keep telling us that a ‘moderate’ is something of a lesser kind.

    That includes the slick da’awa doctor Waleed Aly and the excremental freedom sack promoter Ikebal Patel, who is now our “Australia Day Ambassador”.

    Call to UN Human Rights Commission to denounce Hamas prayers for Jewish genocide shown at SOAS Palestine Society (University College, London) on 24 January

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