Jewish Oranges Beat Green Fruit Loops

Andrew Bolt:

Not just bigotted but ignorant:

The Australian government springs into action after a (Greens) Sydney City councillor, Irene Doutney, and individual consumers reported on extensive evidence that Coles was mislabeling fruit.

Wait until they get around to Jaffas

Leaving aside the questionable politics behind boycotting the Jewish state, these “activists” are clearly unaware that “Jaffa Orange” refer to a species which is also grown in other countries.

Indeed more than 90% of Jaffa oranges, (including many of those with Jaffa Israel stickers on them) are grown outside of Israel…mostly in Spain and South Africa but also in fifteen other countries.

But I guess to this lot, all Jaffa oranges look somehow Jewish, just as all Jews look somehow guilty, right?