How Australia Can Benefit From Islam

“I do what I do because I believe in the country that we live in,” Corporal Roberts-Smith said.

“I want my children to be able to live as everyone does now without the fear of getting on a bus and having it blow up.”

That applies to all of us.

Unless you’re Israeli, in which case getting blown up on a bus is due to a variety of “root causes”.

Far left warming loon Governor-General Quentin Bryce wore a ridiculous green hat for the occasion, and felt it was necessary to remind him:

“Corporal, you are not invincible, you are human, extraordinarily and exceptionally so.”

Here’s some comments on the brave Aussie who personally took it upon him to export 20 Talibs to the virgins:

Digger awarded highest military honour (SMH)

Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is awarded Australia’s highest military honour, the Victoria Cross of Australia, for his actions at Shah Wali Kot on June 11 last year.


I wonder if it was wise to let every Muslim in Austrialia know who he is and what Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith looks like. It won’t be long before they know where his wife lives and where his kids go to school. I sincerely hope that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith carries a concealed weapon at all times and is prepared to use it at the first sign of a Muselmanic attack.


“Instead of pretending to understand jihadism and Islamism in this region and around the world, which they clearly do not, personnel and leadership of the ONA, the DoD and other intelligence agencies, as well as the Government, should instead be guided by these simply expressed sentiments: ‘I want my children to be able to live as everyone does now without the fear of getting onto a bus and having it blow up.’

“At the and of the day, that is all it is about. To pretend that it something more complex than that is to make themselves the laughing stock of very many Asians.”


Listened to John McKenzie on 4CA who had a retired brigadier on the show. He claimed he knew Roberts-Smith personally. All the while belittling him, he suggested it would be wrong to sent the brave lad  back to Afghanistan, because Roberts-Smith’s standards would put  his compatriots in an awkward position, since it would make it impossible for them to meet them…..

That’s what I call learned stupidity. This is something they teach in the ivory towers of wakademia.

Barenaked Islam has a gory collection of peace offerings:

PUFF-HO Leftie says, “Why the Real Threat Is Islamophobia, NOT Islam”

Lets take a closer look: Melody Moezzi is not just “a lefty bitch”, she’s a good Muslim. A full blown agit prop who is doing her Islamic duty to further the Islamic agenda:

Melody Moezzi (Persian: ملودی معزی; born 1979 in Chicago, USA) is an Iranian-American Muslim writer and and attorney. She writes and speaks about religion, public health, politics and culture in Iran.  (Source)

Apparently, left wing loon, Melody Moezzi, has never visited a website called The Religion of Peace or else she would know that Islam is the biggest threat to the world. The chart at the bottom here lists the number, kind, and places of Islamic terror attacks just during the last two months.

DAN GARDNER from the Vancouver Sun peddles the same dreck:

What follows is gruesome and not for the squeamish: Content Warning!

(Photos are of Islamic terrorism)

Puff Ho –When you hear the word “terrorist,” who comes to mind? (MUSLIM) Basque separatists in white hoods? Anarchists wearing bandanas with five-pointed stars? Or perhaps some right- or left-wing pariah building bombs in basements?

My guess is that none of these characters wins top billing in the minds of most people when they think of terrorists. Why? Mainly because we don’t generally hear about these kinds of terrorists in the news, and when we do, they aren’t typically called “terrorists.” They’re called murderers, thugs or lunatics. These days, when we read or hear the term “terrorist” in the news, it’s almost always accompanied by some reference to “Islamic extremism” or worse yet, to Islam itself.

So, it must be that most terrorists are in fact Islamists, right? Not so much.

According to the 2010 EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report: “294 failed, foiled, or successfully executed attacks” occurred in 2009 in six European countries — down almost 50 percent from 2007. The breakdown of attacks with respect to responsibility was thus: 237 by separatist groups; 40 by left-wing and anarchist groups; four by rightists; ten with no clear affiliation; two by single-issue groups, and one by so-called Islamists. (See the real stats below)

And yet, the report points out: “Islamist terrorism is still perceived as the biggest threat to most Member States, despite the fact that only one Islamist terrorist attack — a bomb attack in Italy — took place in the EU.” (And how many Islamic terror attacks were foiled or averted before they took place? Did she forget about the transatlantic plot that was going to take down several airliners on their way from Europe to the US? And the Fort Hood Muslim mass murderer? The Times Square Bomber?)

So, why is this? Why is it that according to a poll of 1,600 French and German citizens recently published in Le Monde, 40 percent of them consider Islam a threat? (Because they aren’t bleeding heart Muslim apologists like you are) Why is it that the Swiss felt compelled to outlaw minarets? Why is it that so many Americans are up in arms about the building of an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan? (Because we know the goal of  every Muslim is to have an Islamic caliphate around the world, as commanded by the Quran)

Clearly, many people — particularly in Europe and the U.S. — feel threatened by the amorphous group of over a billion people worldwide known collectively as “Muslims.”

As a member of this collective, I have a few things to say to those who feel threatened by me and my kind: (YOU AND YOUR KIND? Ah hah, now I understand. She isn’t ignorant of Islam, Melody Moezzi is a Muzzie herself and thus feels compelled to use taqiyya when speaking to lowly infidels)

First, it’s not your fault. Members of the media, including myself, need to start choosing our words more carefully. If individuals within any given community employ violence against a particular group or nation in an effort to evoke widespread fear and panic, then those individuals are terrorists. Period. Their religion is irrelevant. Even if they claim to be murdering an abortionist in service to Christianity or an Israeli in service to Islam or a Palestinian in service to Judaism, they are not legitimate representatives of any of the faiths they claim to be following and they, in fact, do them all a disservice.

Secondly, your fear is irrational. Look at the statistics above; go meet your Muslim neighbors, and get over it. (No, Sweetie, go look at the statistics below and stop lying to the public)

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your fears are counterproductive. Islamophobia is far more threatening than any Muslim could ever be, for it breeds ignorance and bigotry. (But it isn’t Islamphobia when they really ARE trying to kill us) It also only further alienates Muslims, and if you’ve ever been alienated or outcast, you know how vulnerable it makes you to radicalization. (Good, please feel alienated enough to get out of our countries) It’s why people join gangs; it’s why people form crappy garage bands, and it’s why people become terrorists. Nothing is more threatening than hating and fearing another person for no good reason. (Wrong again, snookums, we have at least 16,677 reasons to hate you and your kind)

List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks for the Last Two Months

The Religion of Peace

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  1. I find it very strange that people can see the results of islamic terrorism in pictures like this, and still keep a straight face while proclaiming “the real problem is islamophobia”. The truth is getting harder and harder to conceal for the left-wing – muslim alliance, which means they’ll be working to shove the “islam is peace” angle down our throats much more aggressively.

    But, as plain as the nose on my face, anyone can see that pictures like these come as the result of islam, not as a result of islamophobia!

  2. The emperor is completely naked, but still the enablers see a golden suit and crown of their own making.

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