Why is the left so befuddled with Islam?

Not just communism and Islam, but fascism, too

Andrew Bolt

Turkish-born Necla Kelek is a German sociologist and author of Journey to Heaven: My Fight with the Guardians of Islam. She explains the problem:

I see a parallel between socialism or communism and Islam. Both are collectivist ideologies. The individual has no rights of his own. The individual is part of a larger whole and is obliged to do everything to make the community flourish. The system supports the group, not the individual.

In the case of Islam, the relevant group is the Umma, and the group decides in very dictatorial ways — the need to do so proves that individuals do not follow the rules of the Umma voluntarily in all cases, as is often claimed. I very strongly fear that the dictatorship of the group might win. This type of ideology, based on seventh-century pre-modern traditions, is spreading rapidly in many Muslim countries. Some people claim that Islam is only a religious faith. But that’s only part of the story. The other facet is Islam as an illiberal political ideology. When we talk about Islam these days, what is at stake is not freedom of faith, but individual rights. A collectivist ideology is about to take over, together with an oligopoly of power. I’m worried about this.

A similar theme is touched upon here:

2 thoughts on “Why is the left so befuddled with Islam?”

  1. They’re not befuddled with it.
    They’re enamored with it.
    They see that Muslims use violence and get what they want.
    And they think that Muslims can be made to serve them as “friends.”
    Leftists have no idea that Islam is a thousand times more reactionary than most Western kinds of conservatism.
    And eventually, Leftists will wear the zunnar and be forced to submit to rape. Most will knuckle under and submit to Islam– they will become Muslims because they possess no sense of cultural integrity within themselves.
    The others will consciously make the al-Dhimma pact with no sense of self-betrayal.

  2. If Islam ever gets to rule the West, executions of Leftists will be the first priority.

    Islam regards disbelief in a higher power, as the most wicked crime. Atheists, communists, Leftists, socialists, all will be identified as atheists – will be for the knife.

    Homosexuals, idolators( Hindus), will be next.

    Christians and Jews may get the chance to live as dhimmis, but only after much slaughter, so they know that have been defeated, and acknowledge that fact.

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