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Teenage Iranian faces execution over withdrawn sodomy ‘confession’ (TROP)

A 19-year-old Iranian man is facing execution on charges of attempted sodomy – even though the allegation was withdrawn by the accuser, according to reports.

“It is unIslamic to sentence a person to death simply because they are alleged to be homosexual, especially without 100 per cent proof of guilt,” said Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director of the Association of British Muslims.  (Source)

Iran Bans Tight Jeans…

Those aren’t the real problems, of course. No, it’s bright clothing that’s really holding society back. And under Sharia, Iranian officials can invoke divine authority to order their priorities as such: “government knows best” meets “Allah knows best.”

Iran: Baha’is threatened, accused of supporting Israel and the U.S., offered dhimmi status

But they have one last chance: to sign a treaty and to promise to be good dhimmies:

The terms of the treaty

1. Refraining from propogating and preaching the Baha’i faith even in cyber space (internet)

2. Refraining from relationships and friendships with Muslims except in the work and business context

3. Refraining from hiring Muslim employees by Baha’i shopkeepers

Since in the books of Rouhi Foundation, friendship with Muslims has been greatly encouraged as a means of preaching, any unnecessary friendship and ties outside the business framework will be considered an attempt to preach [your religion], and will be deemed violation of the terms of this treaty….  (Jihad Watch)

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