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“And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

~Hussein Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009

Egypt: Off-duty Muslim police officer boards train, shoots Christians, killing 71-year-old man

Note the detail in the second story below, as reported by the Egyptian paper Al-Masry Al-Youm: the gunman checked people’s wrists for a traditional Coptic tattoo of a cross before shooting. “Policeman shoots Christian dead in southern Egypt,” by Hamza Hendawi for the Associated Press, January 11 (thanks to JW)

Egypt recalls Vatican envoy after Pope criticizes persecution of Christians

Shut up, dhimmi. You’ll take it and like it. “Egypt recalls Vatican envoy over pope remarks,” from AFP, January 11 (thanks to JW)

Pakistan hops on the bus:  Islamic supremacist groups to hold rallies protesting Pope’s call to scrap blasphemy law

Still no word on those anti-bin Laden rallies denouncing the Tiny Minority of Extremists, but I’m sure they’re just around the corner!    An update on this story. “Pakistan: Islamists criticise Pope’s anti-blasphemy law comments,” from AKI, January 11

Egyptian cleric: Offensive jihad permitted “to extend God’s religion to people in cases where the governments do not allow it”

In other words, if governments try to resist the Islamization of their societies, Muslims must wage war against them. Here again, an Islamic cleric — at the world’s leading Sunni institution — confirms what I have been saying about Islam and jihad for years. He must be some kind of Islamophobe. “ ‘Offensive Jihad Is Permissible to Secure Islam’s Borders, to Extend God’s Religion, and…to Remove Every Religion but Islam from the Arabian Peninsula,'” (Looks like Arabia is everywhere these days…) from Translating Jihad, January 11

Meanwhile, Hussein Obama’s  Muslim Affairs Advisor Dalia Mogahed lectures on religious coexistence…..   “A Journey of Love throughout 15 Centuries”

“A Journey of Love throughout 15 Centuries

The opening will be followed by two presentations:

1) “Islam’s Tolerance towards Other Religions”
by Sayyed Ali Al-Hashimi, Advisor to the President for Judiciary and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Abu Dhabi

2) “A Journey of Love throughout 15 Centuries”
by Bishop Isaac Al Anba Bishoy, Pastor of Al Anba Antonio Cathedral Church, Abu Dhabi

On Thursday, January 13, beginning at 11:00 a.m., two more lectures will be held:

1) “Measuring the State of Muslim-West Relations: Assessing the New Beginning”
by Dalia Mogahed, US President Barack Obama’s Advisor for Muslim Affairs and Senior Analyst Executive Director of Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Abu Dhabi

2) “Islamic Principles and Treatment of Non-Muslims”
by renowned Muslim preacher Sheikh Dr. Samir Mattar

No, you really can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. I am totally disgusted by the islamophobia on this site. This is nothing but a hate site. May Allah have mercy on you ..

  2. Kaw – why not report on the crimes of Israel ? there is genocide happening in Palestine today and you don’t even care …. Get a life you moron ..

  3. Islam is as Islam does and Scorpion does what all brain dead Trolls do spout unsubstantiated nonsense in the hope a moonbat will believe him.

  4. Scorpion,
    What genocide in Palestine, you stupid jerk!!! All difficulty in the region is generated by you brain dead muslims!!! How stupid do you think we are – as stupid as you!!!!!! I doubt it!! Now bugger of you idiot muslim/leftist troll – we have no place in our country for idiots like you. Get a brain, you pathetic moron. As for a life, your email shows you have none and that will not change.

    1. FYI:

      Pal Arabs have multiplied by a factor of seven since the state of Israel was created.

      Genocide is when the soldiers of Allah wipe out whole populations like the Armenians, the Assyrians, the Greek Christians, the Copts in Egypt and many others in just as many places. The Mohammedan poster is obviously too dumb to understand that, but mindlessly parrots what he hears in the mosque. He is just like all those who deposit turds on this site about “hate” but conveniently forget that what they call religion is they hatred they suck in with the mothers milk.

      Projection. Nothing else….

  5. Remember when the omam of Jerusalem was working hand n hand with Hitler. They were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths of Jews and Christians. We have the documented evidence supported by photographic evidence. But, oh what a shame – you dimwitts cant even read.

    It is you Scorpion who need to get a life. You are the true victims of Islam. Islam deprives you of everything our wonderful world provides.

    Kaw, your are magnificent.

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