Riots in Tunisia, 14 killed. Nigeria: 7 murdered, Sudan votes for Independence…

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Tunisian government says 14 killed in clashes in 24 hours

Jan 9 (Reuters) – Tunisia’s official news agency on Sunday announced six more civilian deaths in clashes with police in the past 24 hours, bringing the total death toll for the period to 14.

The body of a Tunisian protestor killed in clashes with security forces lies in the mortuary in a hospital in Tala on January 9, 2011. Eight people were killed and nine wounded this weekend in the deadliest incidents yet in a wave of protests in Tunisia sparked by food prices and unemployment, the interior ministry said. (Getty Images) via Eye on the world

‘Many’  (Christian) houses burnt in fresh tensions in central Nigeria

“Many houses were burnt,” said Abdulrahman Akano, police commissioner for Plateau state, where Jos is the capital. “Six people were seriously injured and being treated in hospital.” (AFP)

Nigeria: Jihadis open fire in bar, murdering seven

Christians are fighting back, and the situation is escalating. “Nigeria: Homes set ablaze in violence-torn region,” by Ahmed Saka for Associated Press (via JW)

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Sudan: the slaves vote for liberation

In a land marked by destitution, ethnic hate and a long history of civil war, the mostly Christian and animist voters of the south are expected overwhelmingly to favor seceding from the predominantly Muslim north. (Source)

3 thoughts on “Riots in Tunisia, 14 killed. Nigeria: 7 murdered, Sudan votes for Independence…”

  1. Secession of Sudan
    against sharia

    This is what 60 “scholars” are claiming, among them Qaradawi.
    “- A global conspiracy to exclude Arabism and Islam”

  2. Tunisia
    – Questions

    – Tunisians are said to be well educated
    – Who are the rioters? Are they well educated?
    – Are they quite simply fed up with too much religion of peace?
    – Sick and tired of islam?
    – Why does the police shoot to kill?
    – Is the leader afraid that his privileged position is threatened?
    – Is he fearing a civil war?

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