Jordan: is the regime of the 'plucky little king' about to fall?

Perhaps Queen Rania can get a gig on Oprah. Or on ‘Dr Phil’……

Jordan: Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic supremacists, shouting “Allahu akbar,” rally against regime

  • The riots raged until early Wednesday morning. About 500 protesters set fire to cars, government buildings and smashed shop windows before police managed to restore order. (Source)

Fallout from the Tunisian “Jasmine Revolution,” which the Islamic supremacists are claiming as a victory. Pro-Sharia forces all over are hailing the events in Tunisia, because they know that genuine democratic rule will result in their victory, since the Tiny Minority of Extremists actually enjoys broad popular support. “Islamists in Jordan protest authoritarian rule,” from Reuters, January 17 (thanks to JW):

Islamists in Jordan, emboldened by protests in Tunisia that forced out the long-serving president, called on Sunday for an end to what they called authoritarian rule in their country.

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Nearly one thousand Islamist and some leftist demonstrators rallied in front of parliament, to protest price rises and free-market reforms they blame for worsening the plight of the poor in the country of 7 million.

The rally was called by the influential Muslim unions, a bastion of opposition to the kingdom’s pro-Western policies. Protesters called for the downfall of Prime Minister Samir Rifai’s government, pointing to Tunisia as an example.

“The Tunisians who stood as one to bring down tyranny and injustice are an example for all Arab peoples,” Sheikh Hammam Said, the head of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood, told the crowd as many shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest).

“We in Jordan suffer a lot from what Tunisians suffered from. We suffer from authoritarian rule. There has to be an end to this confiscation of freedoms and confiscation of the will of the people,” Said added….

The Brotherhood, the country’s largest political party, and its leftist allies say political freedoms in Jordan have eroded in recent years and are demanding change….

Sure. Islam will fix everything and cure your asthma too……

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  1. As I wrote on my own blog site a couple of years ago, the pixie king of Jordan needs to update his job resume and find new digs – Monte Carlo is about right for him.

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