Muggish Thullah

Al Hilaly tries to pull out another “good Samaritan” stunt

Dan Zaremba/The Australian via the Militant Islamist Monitor

I am sure most of us would remember Hilaly’s cheap stunt when he pretended to negotiate the release of Australian hostage Douglas Wood from Muslim terrorrists. (reference)

Now the thuggish mullah is at it again, but this time he goes for a much softer targets than Douglas Wood.

This time he wants to save the flood victims.

Taj Din al-Hilali and 40 volunteer tradesmen from his Lakemba mosque, in Sydney’s south western suburbs, arrived in the valley late on Saturday night after a 15-hour bus ride, ready to rebuild uninsured homes.

First thing yesterday, his men helped tear gyprock from the walls of a flood-damaged home, and began to clear a creek clogged with wrecked car bodies and twisted tree trunks. (source)

There is a long list of reasons why a cynic like myself would think that al Hilally’s “noble” quest is nothing but a cheap political stunt.

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