Nicolas Sarkozy says Christians in Middle East are victim of 'religious cleansing'

Christians in the Middle East are the victims of “religious cleansing”, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France warned yesterday following a string of attacks on churches in the region.

Mr Sarkozy made the statement while giving his annual address to religious leaders as Coptic Christians were due to celebrate Christmas yesterday, according to the eastern Orthodox church calendar. (Telegraph)

Quote of the day:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act!”

George Orwell, author

France’s Interior Ministry Pretends New Year’s Immigration Invasion Violence Doesn’t Happen

France’s conservative government has attempted to “combat” the immigrant-origin annual New Year’s car-burning orgy by refusing to release any figures about the incidents in the hope that the lack of publicity will ‘kill’ the story.  (France’s New Year’s  Carbeques)

Muselmaniacs in France  carried out armed robberies…

….to finance the al Qaeda terrorist network, Paris prosecutors have alleged in a trial that begins Monday. (France 24)

Gimme Shelter:

British terrorists offered safe houses by French gangsters involved in the financing of Al Qaeda; Update:

  • Cross-Channel links between Islamic radicals emerge during trial of eight men

British terrorists were regularly recruited and offered safe houses by French gangsters allegedly involved in the financing of Al Qaeda, a court heard today. (Daily Mail)

The sinister links between Islamic radicals on both sides of the Channel came to light at the trial of eight men at the Paris Assizes. All are accused of carrying out post office raids and other robberies in order to raise funds to carry out terrorist atrocities across Europe.

Citizen Journalists:

In case you happen to have a video cam or a mobile phone that takes videos and you record  “disadvantaged yoots” setting your vehicle on fire, you will be arrested too:

It seems the new French law , that many feared would criminalise non-accredited journalists who recorded acts of violence, is already having an effect. Graham Holliday reports how he was forced to show his press card to prevent the police from confiscating his camera during Sunday’s violent protests against Le Pen’s rally in Toulouse. Disturbingly, another photographer on the scene, who did not have a press card to waive,reports: “I got all the photos and videos I took yesterday on my camphone deleted by a policeman who told me he would arrest if he ever saw me doing again.”

I must admit I don’t know anything about any other French laws, with regards to recording acts of violence, that may have preceded the newly introduced one, but the new law will hardly have made it any easier to report from such events as a citizen journalist. Though some, of course, argue that any fears of this new law being an assault on citizen journalism are completely misguided… (Source)

(others disagree. This guy here believes the law only applies to specific situations)

7 thoughts on “Nicolas Sarkozy says Christians in Middle East are victim of 'religious cleansing'”

  1. * Christians in the Middle East are the victims of “religious cleansing”

    This is just the beginning of what will, ultimately, lead to Armageddon.

    Islam will be destroyed.

  2. “Nicolas Sarkozy says Christians in Middle East are victim of ‘religious cleansing’”

    Hey Scoop !!!!!! (Nicolas Sarkozy) you really are on the Job….better late than never ….I guess

  3. It’s about time, to wake up! & if nothing serious is done to stop all that Islam’s fanatism we will for sure ahve the 3rd war, Armageddon or not, Islam will be destroyed

  4. Uh, Nicolas where have you been since the 7th century AD?

    Yep, Auzzie’s right, better late than never. But obama said muslims are victims too.

    Anyway, that should get the muslims shaking in their boots.

  5. “Nicolas Sarkozy says Christians in Middle East are victim of ‘religious cleansing’”

    How about exchanging populations – Christians in the ME for Muslims in the West?

    Exchange of populations have occurred several times, even in recent history, when no other option was available to avert a catastrophe. There is no doubt we are headed to a catastrophe.

  6. DP111,

    Re exchanging populations, the Middle East needs less Muslims, not more.

    The only answer is to weaken the hold and attraction of Islam.
    The West could (and should) set an example by severely punishing the perpetrators, rather than the victims, of terror.

    Islam should no longer be allowed to set up shop in the West.
    No more mosques.
    No more Islamic schools, as they teach kids to hate kaffirs.

    Being Muslim should be totally unacceptable in civilised societies, and people should be encouraged to leave this evil ideology and penalised if they persist in staying.

    We need a complete paradigm change. Enough with respecting Islam.

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