Italy: Muselmanic Assassin Tries to Kill Islam-critical Journalist

The author’s offense? He “wrote a book on Islam’s uneasy relationship [with] Christianity.” In doing so, he just may have touched on the wild notion that this phenomenon could have something to do with Islam.

And so the standard response ensued.

“Bagnardi urged media not to under-report or ignore such incidents.”

Strange that these assassins never go after the Gavin King types…..


Protection urged for journalist after suspected radical Muslim gunman targets his car (AKI)

Actually, that’s wrong. The ‘gunman’ did not just target a car: the gunman wanted to kill the man.

A director of Italian public broadcaster RAI has urged the government to protect to one of its journalists after a suspected radical Muslim opened fire on his car in southern Italy. Nello Rega was uninjured in the attack as he drove home late on Thursday. Rega wrote a book on Islam’s uneasy relationship Christianity and has received several threats from alleged Muslim extremists over the past two years.


“Last night’s attack should leave people in no doubt. Rega could have been killed. Why is he not adequately protected?” said Antonio Bagnardi, director of RAI Televideo, where Bagnardi works.

“Isn’t it enough that he has beeen intimidated for months on end and now is a victim of attempted murder,” Bagnardi added, calling on Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni to intervene.

A single shot was fired at Rega’s car from a vehicle that drew up alongside as he drove along a state highway near the city of Potenza in Italy’s Basilicata region, damaging Rega’s rear window. He reported the attack to police, who were examining his car as part of their investigation.

Since his book ‘Different and Divided – a Diary of Coexistence with Islam’Rega has received threats in the Italian capital, Rome, and in Potenza including an envelope mailed to him with bullets inside.

Bagnardi urged media not to under-report or ignore such incidents.

4 thoughts on “Italy: Muselmanic Assassin Tries to Kill Islam-critical Journalist”

  1. Regarding the story from Canada: more proof, if needed, that the main enemy is the enemy inside – the left wing PC robot.

  2. Looks like there is more to it:

    Hezb-allah threatens man who had a relationship with a muslim woman.

    (Italy) Journalist Nello Rega met a girl in Lebanon when he was sent over there to cover the elections in 2005. She must have liked him as she followed him back to Italy and they started a relationship. Unfortunately for him whilst in Italy she became attracted to a group of Islamic fundamentalists and she left him. She must have left a mark because Nello then wrote a book which told their story “Diversi e divisi. Diario di una convivenza con l’Islam” [Different and Divided. A Diary of Living with Islam]

    Well just as this girl left a mark with Nello, the book (A novel by the way) left a mark with a few muslims who started threatening to kill him for writing said tome. The first was an envelope stuck to his windscreen inside were 2 bullets. The next was a letter sent to his mothers house again containing 2 bullets and a message it read:

    “Nello Rega you are dead these are for you and we do it right now. You are dead and you will see how because Allah and Hezbollah have decided to get you killed. The bullets are for you Nello Rega because you tell lies and harm Lebanese Shiites and write against Shiites”.

    At first police weren’t interested, but lucky for him he found a prosecutor who took up his case and saw to it the interior ministry arranged protection and the case was submitted to Rome’s anti-terrorism group. While Mr Rega isn’t sure that Hezbollah is behind this? he feels they know about it. As it was only later that he found out the girl had relatives with links to the organisation. All of this transpired in 2009. Move forward to 2011. and while out driving a single shot was fired at his car from a vehicle that drew up alongside the rear window. Ot appears while it is OK for Islamic males to date Non-Muslims, when somebody dates their women folk their hell to pay.

  3. I just don’t get it. Why don’t any of these people fight back? If someone shot at me, and I saw them do it, you can bet your last dollar a gunfight will ensue. I’m not taking any crap from those moon god worshippers. None. And none from any stinking sikhs or hindus either. And none from any of the black panther sh*theads either.

  4. Typical islamic male – “keep” a girl by killing her if she leaves! Islamic males are the absolute lowest level of evolution of any life form!

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