Nothing to do with Islam?

Devout Muslims shower a killer with rose petals.  Thousands more rallied on behalf of the assassin for shooting a local governor who supported a Christian woman sentenced to death for ‘insulting‘ Islam. (ROP)

Who needs sex education when you already got the Koran?

Dr Mobin Akhtar is on a mission to educate Pakistanis in sexual matters, but his latest attempt to do so has caused   “backlash”…..

The writings in Dr Akhtar’s book are interspersed with quotes from the Prophet Muhammad, and also from the Koran, like this one: “You are allowed intercourse at night with your wives during the month of fasting. They are as intimate for you as your own clothes, and vice versa.” (Koran, Surah Baqra, Verse 187)  (BBC)

Pope calls for repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Pope Benedict XVI has called on Pakistan to repeal its blasphemy laws, which can carry a death sentence for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Reaction from Pakistan to the Pope’s comments will be interesting, to say the least.

Pakistan: The moral collapse of a nation (Harry’s Place)

The Bunglawussi must have a case of  Buyers Remorse, or something…

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws must rank amongst the most unjust  laws in the world. They are notoriously prone to abuse by all manner of unscrupulous people with grudges to settle, particularly against members of vulnerable minority groups.

The very visible and sad moral collapse of Pakistan that we are witnessing – the seemingly endless suicide bombers, tit-for-tat sectarian killings, corruption levels rivalling Nigeria etc, should be a huge cause of concern to all Muslims. At the very least, Pakistan has buried the idea that an ‘Islamic State’ can be a workable solution in today’s world. The truth is that Muslims in power are every bit as prone to abusing that power as non-Muslims. Only, most ‘Islamic states’ or ‘Islamic republics’ do not have anywhere near the same legal safeguards and restrictions on power that most modern secular states do.

RIP Pakistan. RIP the ‘Islamic state’.

I guess we’ll never know what kind of morals this Muslim Brother is  fantasizing about.  Muhammad, profit of Islam, certainly didn’t have any.

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  1. * Pope calls for repeal of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

    Here we go again – Pope insults muslims around the world:

    [PAKISTANI politicians have accused the Pope of interfering in state matters after he called for controversial blasphemy laws to be scrapped. ]

    [“Pakistan is an Islamic ideological state and the Pope cannot tell us to change our laws, which are in conformity to our belief,”]

    [“The Pope’s statement is an insult to Muslims across the world.”]

    * The fawning appeasers & enablers in the West had better wake up while they still have attached heads … the days of beheadings and bloodfests are fast approaching. Are you there, Julia? Anyone home?

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