The Middle East Report: Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon

A sign of things to come:  Day of Rage

Rageboy is everywhere. So are the Zionists:

Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar complains of “Zionist plot” to defame Islam, divide Arab world

Of course, of course. We should know by now that everything is a Zionist plot to defame Islam. “Political motives behind anti-Islam campaign – Egypt”s Al-Azhar,” from KUNA, January 24 (thanks to JW):

Mubarak’s Family Flees Egypt... (TROP)

Egypt is not Tunisia. It’s much bigger. Eighty million people, compared with 10 million.

The nature of this protest will unsettle a regime for which complacency is a way of life (Source)

Tiny minority of excremists in Cairo

An Al-Jizz TV truck burns in the streets of Tripoli, north of Beirut after supporters of the outgoing prime minister went on the rampage

Read more: Daily Mail

Exiled pro-Sharia leader set to return to Tunisia

But he says that he wants to establish true democracy in Tunisia. However, it is unclear in that case what would make him an Islamist, which is a term generally applied to adherents of political Islam. It seems that he wants to establish Sharia, but wants to do it as an expression of the popular will.

“Exiled Islamist party leader set to return to Tunisia,” from France24, January 24: (JW)

Lebanon’s Day of Rage (in pictures)

Obama’s Crushing Failure in the Middle East: the Fall of Lebanon to Islam

CNN jerk:

Its not a Hezbollah takeover”…… (“moderate, Sunni” blah blah….tinderbox of sectarian tensions…”)

3 thoughts on “The Middle East Report: Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon”

  1. Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, Philippines, Thailand, mis named Palestine, India, Indonesia in fact anywhere that Mohammedans are either in majority or in numbers there is trouble. So what do you get well first you get a corrupt evil Mohammedan Dictator then follow that with his overthrow and a corrupt evil Mohammedan Theocracy. Which is exactly what is happening in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt at the moment.
    Petro Dollars fueled Mohammedans are flexing their muscles all over the world at the moment and the stupid Islamophile Politically Correct Multi Culti moonbat Western Democracies either cant or rather wont see and connect the dots . But maybe this will see the start of the Islamo/Civilization war which the Mohammedans have been fighting for hundreds of years and we have still yet to recognize and accept.

  2. The Obamanation and his REGIME are totally ignoring what is happening in the Mohammedan world. They prefer to think everything is isolated and disconnected. No doubt the once Maronite Christian Lebanon will soon be attacking Israel led by Hezbollah and backed by Syria and Iran.

  3. Mubarak and his family know where to run for protection. Back to the West. Just like rats running from the sinking ship.

    Mubarak – take the Mu off his name and we have Barak, sounds like another name we have become accustomed with.

    Totally agree with you Realist. The quicker we get stuck into them the sooner we will regain our freedom, which has dwindeled since Islam came into our midst.

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