Rageboy Returns

Algeria democracy rally broken up

Several injured as police disperse 300 people who defied a ban and attempted to demonstrate in the capital, Algiers.Read More

Rageboy is everywhere……

The sharks smell blood: Qaradawi hails Tunisian revolution, says Islamic nations must support it

“Angry Muslims”- are there any other ones?

Unfortunately, its not liberation from Islam they seek:

‘Liberation caravan’ heads to Tunis

Hundreds of demonstrators defy nighttime curfew to travel from Sidi Bouzid, where uprising began, to the capital.Read More

Its all happening: One man, one vote, one time.

“God has given us our constitution, the Koran. Give me the Koran and the Sunna [sayings of the Prophet],” “Muslims don’t have to have blue eyes to be modern.”…

One thought on “Rageboy Returns”

  1. “Angry Muslims”- are there any other ones?
    No!!!!! they are all angry maladjusted Sociopathic Fucks, followers of the “Holy Korans ” Sociopathic Satan inspired rantings.

    The only GOOD Muslim is a BAD Muslim.

    Identification +Internment+ Repatriation to whatever Islamic shit hole they or their parents / grandparents ran away from is the ONLY way the Judeo Christian Western FREE World can survive.

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