Strasbourg approves 2 brand-new mosques, Osama threatens French hostages with beheading…

France: Strasbourg City Council Unanimously Approves Two New Mosques

No churches for dhimmies:

Canary in the coalmine/eye on the world

With French Muslims praying in the streets and in basements around the country, and with the far-right in France targeting mosques as a threat to French identity, the Strasbourg city council unanimously approved Monday the creation of two new mosques in the city, including one with a minaret, according to the vice-mayor in charge of religious affairs, Oliver Bitz.

The Muslim Association of Alsace has welcomed the move, heralding the decision as the “Islam of cellars” in Strasbourg.   (More below the fold)

Bin Laden seems unwilling to acknowledge this craven act of dhimmitude:

Remember this guy? Where might he have been all these years? Might someone in the government of our Friend and Ally Pakistan have some idea about that? It’s pure speculation, of course, but it would certainly explain how and why he has been able to stay hidden for years and then pop up again, and would be consistent with Pakistan’s well-established double game.

“Bin Laden threatens France in message,” from Associated Press, January 21

OBL warned Paris of a “high price” for its policies, in a tape broadcast today.

In a newly released audiotape message to the French people, Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden threatens death to French hostages held by an Al Qaeda affiliate in Africa unless French troops leave Afghanistan.  (ABC)

The mosque with a minaret would be constructed in the neighborhood of Hautepierre, and will accommodate about 600 to 800 people who presently gather in a disused supermarket. The cost of building the mosque would be 2.24 million euros, on a plot of 23 acres.

A smaller mosque is also to be built in the neighborhood of Robertsau. This mosque will cost 846,900 euros, and be built on an area of 11 acres. In total, the mayor will spend a budget of 300,000 euros to build the two mosques.

A field will be made available to organizations carrying projects under long lease, which can give the usufruct of a property for a very long time. The mayor also will subsidize up to 10% the work of the two mosques.

“We also apply the scheme to denominations which do not historically form a part of the French religious landscape. There is need to reconcile policy with the principle of equality,” he said.

The approval of the establishment of the two mosques comes at the same time as the construction of an Orthodox church in the city.

A decision like this had not been passed since the defeat of the left in the 2001 municipal elections, “though the need was huge,” said Bitz. About 10% of the population of Strasbourg is Muslim , he said.

Elected representatives praised the “responsibility of the opposition”, which approved the text, while noting that “all projects (places of worship) were blocked by the municipality before,” directed by Fabienne Keller ( UMP).

In a statement, officials at the Grand Mosque of Strasbourg – which is itself presently undergoing expansion – thanked the Mayor of Strasbourg Roland Ries (PS) for his “courageous policy to treat Islam with equity

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  1. “Bin Laden seems unwilling to acknowledge this graven act of dhimmitude”

    CRAVEN not ” graven”
    Sorry Sheik but I could not help myself, I have a ” tick” about spelling and words and their meaning.

  2. Sorry Mate, but I just had to say it.
    If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything.

  3. * If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant … —Confucius

    * Then a leak would be unofficially official, but officially unofficial.
    – Sir Humphrey

  4. “Love that one!” Oh how I wish I had spoken it.

    A Pig Ignorant, Indoctrinated as opposed to an Educated electorate, is the UN’s / Socialism’s / Islams /Communism’s “INSERT DESPOTS NAME HERE” only chance of success.

    International Socialism and it’s rabid mad Dog,Islam, can ONLY succeed in their objectives through the imposition of institutionalised PIG IGNORANCE in place of education,and their policy of revisionist history and the destruction of the meaning of words and language.

  5. “Isn’t that what our misleading, craven polit-props doing to us all the time, from KRudd to the Manchurian moonbat?”

    You got it in One Sheik.

  6. * No churches for dhimmies:

    “And I declare to you that you are Peter, and that upon this Rock I will build my Church, and the might of Hades shall not triumph over it.”
    (Jesus Christ – Matthew 16:18)

    Egypt tried to defeat the God of Israel once before, and failed. A similar fate awaits it this time around.

  7. “Then a leak would be unofficially official, but officially unofficial.
    – Sir Humphrey”

    I live in a state of Australia, NSW,where Sir Humphrey’s logic has governed us for the past 15 years… are you seriously suggesting that there is an alternative form of Governance and logic?
    If you do I have news for you, the people of NSW have voted overwhelmingly for the NSW Labor Party these last 15 years and any suggestion that there is an alternative to the Australian Labor Party’s International Socialism has been rejected outright by NSW voters.
    Opinion polls show that the Premier,Kristina Keneally and her Labor Socialist State Government are riding high on a 22 % approval rating, on that figure combined with the Labor Party’s “vote early and vote often” and “Whatever it takes” policy combined with their MSM / Actors and Beautiful People support, the very fashionable Premier Kristine Keneally (niece in law of Australia’s very own professional Irish idiot in search of a village, failed Catholic Priest wannabe and author Thomas Keneally) will walk in at the up coming March NSW state election.

  8. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.”

    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be the master - that’s all.”

    The last sums it up.

  9. Britain under the diversity officers & and muslim enablers:

    [” How many fingers, Winston ? ”

    ” Four. ”

    The needle went up to sixty.

    ” How many fingers, Winston ? ”

    ” Four ! Four ! What else can I say ? Four ! ” ]

    [” How many fingers, Winston ? ”

    ” Five ! Five ! Five ! ”

    ” No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please ? ”

    ” Four ! five ! Four ! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain ! ” ]

    George Orwell – 1984

  10. What did Commander in Chief say in the last round before election?

    “Bin Laden will be found, and killed”, was it?

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