World Wide Jihad Against the Coptic Christians….

Copts in Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Sweden and elsewhere fear Islamic jihad attacks:

Coptic Christmas canceled in Melbourne

In Melbourne, Bishop Suriel has cancelled Coptic Christmas celebrations, and instead will hold an ecumenical prayer service with other Christian leaders to remember the victims.   (Source)

Al Qaeda threatens 100 Egyptian-Canadian Copts over conversions to Christianity

‘We will return to Islam and all the mujahideen will cut off their heads’

The website Shumukh-al-Islam, an Al Qaeda propaganda tool, has created a list with photos, addresses and phone numbers of Coptic Christians, most with dual Egyptian and Canadian nationality, who spoke openly against Islam. (Source)

Coptic Christians in Germany fear Islamic jihad attacks

And German leaders are calling on moderate Muslims to stand up against the jihadists. How many hundreds of such calls have we seen here over the years? When are people going to get a clue that they are waiting for something that is never going to happen?

“German Coptics fear Islamist attacks,” from The Local, January 3 (thanks to JW)

Al Qaida threatening  Copts in France

Thanks to Charlie M

Strengthened security measures “for a period of time” around the 19 sites in France, like in Egypt, before the Orthodox Christmas on Thursday and Friday.

Coptic church in Sweden closed over threats:

The Coptic Christian church in Agnesberg (Gothenburg) was closed down after receiving  threats. The Swedish security service was called in . (Islam in Europe)

Copts in Switzerland say they fear being attacked;

Geneva police to protect Swiss Copts  (Swissinfo)

9 thoughts on “World Wide Jihad Against the Coptic Christians….”

  1. * In Melbourne, Bishop Suriel has cancelled Coptic Christmas celebrations

    Vic Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission to sue them for hate speech?

  2. The Bishop’s internet site is also now refusing comments, which means that some idiots have been sending a lot of threatening notes to him. I suspect that we know from which community these thugs come from.

  3. Re “Vic Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission to sue them for hate speech?”

    Highly unlikely given that organization is a Vic. Government funded Muslim Star Chamber, but I take your point.

  4. I was meaning that VHREOC would prosecute Bishop Suriel and other Copts – not that any muslims were in danger of being prosecuted.

  5. The Muslims tried to kidnap priest’s wives and didnt get away with it. So, they do this. Cant have any uppity Copts, and when Muslims want to kidnap female Christians, they are sending the message that the Copts damn well better let ’em. SICK!!!!

  6. Well, I think it’s time for us to take back Melbourne and show these muslim bastards who is in charge. Personally, I don’t give a flying F**K for muslims and will take them apart, literally. Have the men in Melbourne the balls to stand up and be counted? If so, then let these muslim pigs try their stuff.

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