Allah is most forgiving and merciful…

But not when it comes to Jews:

No Muslim must be killed for killing an unbeliever:

Yemeni Muslims Kidnap Jewish Child to Pressure his Community to Withdraw Murder Charges (Arutz Sheva)

A young Jewish boy was kidnapped in Reida, Yemen on the Sabbath, according to the Yemen Post. The child was reportedly taken hostage in an attempt to force the local Jewish community to forgive a terrorist killer.

The kidnap victim has been identified as eight-year-old Yamin Ameran Al-Nahari.

Sources told the Yemen Post that the kidnapping was linked to the 2008 murder of Moshe Nahari, a Torah teacher and leading member of the Jewish community. Nahari’s killer, local Muslim man Abed el-Abdi, called out “Jew, receive the message of Islam” before shooting him.

The kidnappers are hoping to pressure the Jewish community into publicly forgiving Abdi, which may convince the courts to commute his sentence to a fine.

Abdi has been sentenced to death for murdering Nahari. He had previously murdered his wife, but was not jailed after her family agreed to accept financial compensation in lieu of a criminal trial.

The Jewish community of Yemen, already small, has dwindled in recent years as many flee the country due to violence. The rise of Al-Qaeda in the country, in particular, has sparked an interest in aliyah (immigration to Israel).

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  1. Hey muslims – Care to speak up or have you still got your heads in the sand???!!! Bloody two-faced liars!!!

  2. “Nahari’s killer, local Muslim man Abed el-Abdi, called out “Jew, receive the message of Islam” before shooting him.”

    Surely there is some mistake here , after all Islam IS a “Religion of Peace” just ask any Democrat / Labor /Union supporter or” Rainbow Type Person” / Feminist/Social Justice advocate or Uniting Church member in the free Non Islamic world of the the Judeo Christian Democratic west they will tell you, yeah honest injun they will spruik the virtues of Islam until their brown paper bags stop arriving on the back door step.

  3. Re previous post Islam IS not the Free Worlds problem, a more pathetic useless ideology and gang of followers could not be found on any planet in the universe.

    The Islamic Menace is only able to inflict it’s misery upon the free world because of a “Progressive Leftist” aka. Democrat/ Union /Labor / Progressive / Multicultural “all cultures are equal” Trojan Horse resident in the various Judeo Christian Western Democracies.

    Islam along with Communism / Socialism is clearly the greatest debilitating anti MAN anti God, Satanic inspired ideology / cult ever inflicted upon the human race.

  4. RFLMAO! The same dreck rehashed over and over again, from the same conspiracy nuts. The muttering homeless guy in the park has more followers than this blog. What a waste of effort.

  5. I have the perfect response.
    The Jewish community in Yemen needs to kidnap some of the good Muslim Arab boys around them and refuse to return them until the Jewish boy is returned.
    Reciprocity in crime is all Muslims will ever understand.

  6. Xerner Seimanm,
    JUSTIFY YOUR STATEMENT !! I can tell you that this blog has a very large number of followers, most of whom are more educated and intelligent than you – so once again – JUSTIFY YOUR STATEMENT.

    BTW Xerner, these are the same folks who murdered some nurses for fun – or did you forget??

    What a waste of space you are Xerner – and one suspects that is not your real name

  7. Xerner is capable only of an appeal to ridicule & ad hominem.
    These are both Muslim ways of argument. In other words, he isn’t arguing at all.

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