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Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has backed ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries, who tabled a petition calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. (ABC)

The petition, signed by three people in Sydney, calls for a review of immigration policy be undertaken to ensure priority is given to Christians.

Why is the petition signed by only three people? We could get hundreds, if not thousands of signatures to halt Islamic welfare seekers coming into this country……

Senator Humphries says he disagrees with the petition but he tabled it because he believes every citizen has a right to put their views to the Parliament.

Mr Abbott says he also disagrees with the petition, but people have a right to put their views.

“I’m not proposing that, he’s not proposing that, no-one is proposing that,” he said.

“People have a right to petition their Parliament even on subjects that their MPs don’t agree with, even on subjects where the Parliament is unlikely to act.”

Senator Humphries says he will meet local Muslims to allay their concerns.

“Many Muslims are my friends and I hope they’ll remain my friends,” he said.

Ikebal Patel shrieks and lectures  us on how good Christian dhimmies ought to behave:

“That’s hardly a loving Christian to be very selective in whom you want to enter in your home.”

(If I invite Muslims into my house, they then kill me and take my house, is that being Christian? No, it’s being stupid. Muslims of whatever stripe are not welcome in my house, and not welcome in my country.)

A PETITION tabled in Federal Parliament calling for a 10-year ban on Muslim immigration has been labelled bigoted by a leader of the Islamic community. (Source)

“But I hope they’ll also understand that as a member of the Federal Parliament, I have an obligation to fulfil or place before the Parliament points of view of citizens if they’re on matters that affect the powers and the role of the Federal Parliament,” he said.

A leading member of the Muslim community has questioned Senator Humphries’s decision to table the petition.

Australian Federation of Islamic Council president Ikebal Patel says if Senator Humphries does not agree with the views expressed then he should not have tabled the petition.

“You either put it in and back it or you take Senator Kate Lundy’s view that… she chose not to put it forward because it was an abhorrent position,” he said.

During an interview on 2UE this afternoon LNP Senator Barnaby Joyce was asked if he would support a ban or a moratorium on Muslim immigration for 10 years.

“I would be very circumspect to do that,” he said. “I would be more likely to call for a ban on immigration altogether than start picking and choosing who you’re going to have and who you’re not going to have.”


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  1. * Senator Humphries says he will meet local Muslims to allay their concerns.

    How many politicians will meet with local Jews to allay their concerns about the Marrickville Council’s boycott of Israel?

    [IT has taken at least 25 staff more than 80 working hours to process Marrickville Council’s boycott of Israel.

    Ratepayers have also forked out at least $1235 for 10 hours of the general manager’s time and paid four senior staffers to ‘consider and establish a process’ for the controversial council policy.]

    [Just last week, councillors spent more than half of a two hour meeting discussing issues related to the plight of the refugees in West Sahara and the Arab Israeli conflict.

    Other items up for consideration, such as a local action plan for migrant communities living in Marrickville, were passed with no discussion.

    For independent councillor Victor Macri, the council’s focus on international conflicts has ‘blown out of control’.]

    [**What the boycott cost: **

    * The attention of 25 staff;

    * More than 80 working hours;

    * $1235 worth of general manager’s time;

    * Time of four senior policy makers;

    * Council meeting time. ]

  2. I would walk to Canberra to get my signature on that petition.

    Most Australians would.

    In the past year, travelling around our country every week, I have only met one person who spoke up for the Muslim intake into our home country. She was a religious twit from Campbelltown. Had no idea about the danger. Hope her prayers help her. They have not saved Christians world wide from Islam, not in Africa, New York, Bali, or anywhere else.

    The most confounding part of the entire problem is our own Politicians ignoring the will of their people.

    We are going to have to kick the “OLD Guard” out of Canberra, and replace it with people who love Australia. I dont care who they are, anything has to be better than these sniffeling, weak, non caring politicians we have now. They are the Pits.

  3. Hope you all saw that disgusting display by Criminals at the funerals of their families in Sydney yesterday. Everyone knew it would be an opportunity to cry and scream abuse at “us” and they should be allowed to stay in Sydney.

    Sydney is full of your queue jumpers! And not one of them adds anything to our fair city. How can any man, allow his babies and his wife to undertake such a voyage? We know the value of women in Islam. They are fodder for their grist mill of getting into Australia illegally.

    Dont worry about it, they are all criminals. Using the stupid government of Australia to further their cause to take us over.

    Wake up Australia.

  4. the recent bankstown express identiofied Bill Chahine a liberal candidate, and Micheal Howatt a green as muslims. How is Mr Abbott going to stop muslims passing themselves off as ‘christians’ nominally? even if they put australians first, there are too many social interactions where an infidel cannot penetrate their facade of ‘australian’ normalcy. the lebanese muslim association of lakemba has endorsed the liberal party and come our against labour.
    we have been too self-indocrtinated by our own half-baked ideas of democracy, commonality of inflexible ‘I slam’ [pun intended], with christian and jewish evolving and adapting dogmas.
    ethics and morality as serious discussions against absolutism [vide Greyling] need serious debate so that we can educate ourselves before it is too late.

  5. I wrote to to the immigration minister. his top bureaucrats replied months later telling me about multiculturalism and implying I was racist. it would be good to cultivate MPs and the Q party so that these issues can be effectively channelled systematically to a growing mailing list of pollies, media, and religious fellow traveller priests of all denominations who need to be confronted with their love their enemy failures.
    we lack leadership in this effort and coordination. each site’s extreme views is counterproductive in ripples we cannot know. we need systematic reasoned argument such as Wilders’. and he is before the courts.
    this site would be less reasoned than some of those who are orhave been before the courts and lost.
    we need a tempered sustained broad based attack on the hide-bound bourgeoise and self satisfied middle classes and the comatose others who make us the people in society we need to influence so that grass roots support can overwhelm leaders and media into shameful catch up.
    I have a way and need support from those who can actualise it, along Wilders’ lines though in a different medium to capture the interest of the comatose masses waiting for this new message to capture their imagination and change societies all over the world into aware anti islamic citizens and be profitable for thjose who can invest in it.
    Sheik yer mami, pl contact me privately.

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