Bloody Attacks on Foreign Correspondents in Cairo

Fox Crew badly beaten:

A few more minutes in the crowd and it would have been all over

Within seconds Olaf and I were spotted as foreigners and attacked. They hit us with their open hands, their fists, sticks, bars, rocks, whatever was around, especially aiming at our heads. They grabbed us and punched us. Several dug through my pockets. All the while screaming madly in our faces. But still we pushed on. […]

Give me head till I’m dead:

Cooper Attacked Again While ABC News Crew Threatened With ‘Beheading’

“One man who swore to kill us wore police uniform.”

The people of Egypt

The talking heads tirelessly remind us that the Egyptian people want and deserve democracy, freedom and the pursuit of happiness, that ‘we all want the same thing’ and hey, what’s a little Islam got to do with it anyhow? Every society has their extremists, and we all know how dangerous fundamentalist Christians are. Never mind the Marxists (I doubt the concept is understood in the ME. Communism  is the obsessive ideology of our western progressives, who love to ‘spread the wealth around’- which Muslims translate as ” the kaffirs have to pay the jiziya with willing submission while feeling subdued and humiliated…..”)

The International Press Institute lists a whole lot of attacks here:

“it appears to be an orchestrated campaign of violence directed at journalists covering the crisis in Egypt. Reports that journalists are being systematically hunted down, brutally assaulted, arrested and abducted are deeply disturbing.”

Largely under the radar:

Failed Assassination Bid on Egypt’s VP

An assassination attempt on the Egyptian vice president left two of his bodyguards dead, sources told Fox News Channel on Friday…

Allah will not forgive them:

Qur’an (5:51) “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

Did you know there are reports that Christians have stepped in to protect the protesters?  A recently filed online update posted a photo of men alleged to be Christians and they have locked arms and ringed the praying Muslims to protect them from the charging horde.  The caption on the photo read;

“Christians Protecting Muslim Protesters in Egypt During Prayer”

One thought on “Bloody Attacks on Foreign Correspondents in Cairo”

  1. The thing about the Christians is a lie.
    If Christians are doing such a thing, then they are doing so under duress.
    Pope Shenouda III made a decree when the unrest began that no Christians were to take part in it.
    And I believe none have, that’s why the 11 were slaughtered the other day.
    If there are Christians out there now, then they were intimidated by the slaughter of the two families.
    And in the West, any relationship, commitment, deed or thought made under duress has no standing in respect or law.

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