Germany: Burqa Verboten!

German Stadt bans Islamic burka for public workers

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Heads they win, tails we lose: the burqa momma is now on the dole and will no longer contribute to German Society. Her hubby is working on his zebiba and is simply too busy in the mosque to bother with gainful employment…..

(Frankfurt) The German state of Hesse has pushed out a new law banning the use of the Islamic burka for public workers. The ban came about after a 39-year-old Moroccan woman who works for Frankfurt City declared that she intended to cover up on her return from maternity leave. It seems that the woman was your typical westernised Muslim, until she married a very religious Muslim. Overnight, she changed and shocked her co-workers when she informed them that when she returns from maternity leave, she would be covered from head to toe. The thing is, her work entails meeting and talking to the public.

Instead of rolling over and allowing minority Muslims to dictate to the majority non-Muslims on how it is going to be, the German Stadt of Hesse simply banned the wearing of the burka for public sector workers during office hours. It is now reported that the woman is demanding a severance package from her employer because it refuses to allow employees to come to work with completely enshrouded bodies.

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  1. If only we had the balls, people might actually think we meant something..

    Sadly we will hide behind the rest…So much for a world leader…

  2. If you work in the public sector, you represent the agency that has hired you, on behalf of your fellow citizens. That is your job, not putting on an ostentatious display of Islamic piety — of Being Seen Being Muslim. And nothing could be more out of place in a public service job than shrouding oneself in a mark of separation and supremacism, let alone for a school teacher, as was the Muslim woman whose demands sparked this case.

    Indeed, one could go on at length about the irony of the face veiling issue as a matter of “modesty,” if one takes the fundamental object of modesty to be not calling attention to oneself. There is something counterproductive about attire that says, “Hey, everybody! Look at how modest I am!” But one surmises that it is not so much about modesty in the traditional sense as throwing down a gauntlet for Sharia in the middle of a Western society.

    As usual, stand by for outrage, threats, and accusations of “Islamophobia,” in this latest chapter in the jihad against Vitamin D.

    “German state risks Muslim anger after becoming first in the country to ban the burka,” from the Daily Mail, February 4:

  3. Muslims veil their faces for one reason and one only– to hide themselves and their demonic intentions.

  4. The cow broke the contract with her employer through her behavior – how dare she “demand” a severance package.

  5. Looks like we will have to fight for our beloved freedom once again against facism, tyranny and downright cruelty. Was reading about a 16 yr old girl who was buried alive in the name of Islam because…… she shamed her brother and grandfather by, horror of horrors, talking to boys. What kind of obscene monsters are these people and what vile, despicable hypocrites

  6. The Burqa serves as a useful tool to hide the ugliness and smelly condition of the female. Lack of water in the deserts makes it nearly impossible to keep clean. Going to toilet may be a hassle. A burqa helps hide the person vcarrying out the business. It also helps another male not to know who the wife or women in the house are. This is all something like life in the wild amongst the pride of lions and pack of tiger or hyenas. Their leader does not want his woman touched. Whether it is public service or voluntary service a person should not hide under masks and arours like knights of old. WE enjoyed seeing IVANHOE and the Black Knight in the Movies. Today it is no more movies but sinister moves to take over Europe. Anyone who hides behind burqas ans masks should not be allowed outside the home and on the streets. Such persons must be shot without a second thought as suspicious terrorists in the interests of National Security.

  7. If you see somebody in a burqa in a public place, you have no way of knowing if that person is who she claims to be, or even if she is a woman at all.

    Criminals (male as well as female) have used burqas as disguises.

    How do you know there isn’t a suicide vest under there?

    A burqa is an unacceptable security risk, and that’s that.

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