Cairo, where the action is….

Molotov Cocktail Party

Anderson Cooper Attacked by Egyptian Mob

Even CNN must know that the Muslim world isn’t exactly gay-friendly. Yet they foolishly sent Anderson Cooper (content warning) to Egypt. The consequences weren’t as pretty as Anderson:

CNN producer Steve Brusk Tweeted, “Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration.” (Moonbattery)

CodePink Anti-War Group Joins Egyptian Protests in Cairo

Just what Egypt needs: spreading the wealth around, social justice and  gay /lesbian progressive Moonbattery….

Christiane Amanpour Gets Her Egyptian Media Beating

She is the most deserving of the lot, but managed to get away, unfortunately…..

Puff Ho: ‘U.S. Must Understand… Constructive Role of Faith’ in Egyptian Politics

Can you imagine a Huffington Post headline entitled, “Secular Liberals Need to Understand the Role of Faith in American Politics”?

Given the website’s history of telling Christian conservative leaders to “go to Hell,” celebrating the decline of Christianity in Great Britain, or trashing the Catholic Church, it’s not very likely.

But yesterday morning the Huffington Post ran a piece by the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies’ Dalia Mogahed — entitled “U.S. Must Understand the Constructive Role of Faith in Egypt’s Democratic Aspirations” — aimed at quieting fears of many Americans that the radical Muslim Brotherhood could have a controlling interest in Egypt’s government post-Mubarak:   Read more:Newsbusters