"Caliphate" is in my ears and in my eyes….

Beck Lifts ‘CALIPHATE’ From Obscurity to #3 Google Trend

Caliphate.  A word that most Americans probably have not never heard.

A word that is not in the digital version of the Oxford-English dictionary.

A word and a concept that until this week was relatively obscure and then FOX TV‘s Glenn Beck decided to explain the word and it’s meaning to his sizable audience.

And so Beck’s chalkboards were used to explain the meaning of Caliphate.  But as he always does, Mr. Beck challenged his audience to do their own homework and investigate all of the information he delivers on his nightly program.  Google recorded so many searches for “caliphate” and “caliphate definition” that both cracked the top five in Google trends.

One thought on “"Caliphate" is in my ears and in my eyes….”

  1. The gremlin is out of the bag and more and more and more of the Free (that is, those who are not Slaves of ‘allah’) are seeing the teeth and the claws.

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