Christian Union wants constitutional Sharia ban, Wilders delighted

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Christian Union Senator Roel Kuiper wants to amend the Dutch constitution to include a ban on Sharia, Islamic law. Senator Kuiper made his statement in an interview with newspaper Trouw.

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The Christian Union politician wants to ban Islamic law because it is “not rooted in principles which form part of Dutch culture. Our rights, the way we treat each other, our norms of good and evil have all been molded by Christianity.”

Mr Kuiper argues that Islamic law is still grounded in retaliation, while the laws of a democratic constitutional state are geared toward forgiveness, correction and reconciliation. “Our laws are not based on ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Our legal system applies the law, but knows reconciliation must follow.”

Senator Kuiper also wants to regulate the flow of money from Arab countries to Dutch mosques. The Christian Union politician says these measures are necessary “to take the Islam debate in the Netherlands a step forward”. Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has enthusiastically welcomed Senator Kuiper’s proposal. “Sharia is based on the Qur’an. So this means an end to head scarves, halal food, the Qur’an etc.”

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Now that is an interesting development.

BERLIN (JPost) – Members of the Dutch parliament reinforced the Jewish character of Israel during a session earlier this month, with a parliamentary decision that termed it a “democratic Jewish state.”  More from eye on the world…

Just a little while ago, it looked like the Dutch were way ahead of us when it comes to selling out:

Piet Heijn Donner said that if the people democratically choose sharia, that should be accommodated.

But then, there are others with a spine:

Already in September 1990, mainstream politician and leader of the (classical liberal) VVD-party (former party of Geert Wilders), Frits Bolkestein, stated that the multicultural society was a failure. At a bus stop in Alma Ata, he tried to convince all other party leaders of the Netherlands of his views on the disaster of the Muslim invasion.

Geert Wilders: victim of his own beliefs?

Try to imagine what it’s like to be Geert Wilders and you’ll feel sympathy for him, says Dutch political science Professor Meindert Fennema in his book Geert Wilders – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, published on Tuesday. “His involuntary isolation from the outside world – due to strict security measures – and the indifference shown by his colleagues about this have only reinforced his distrust in the political elite.” (More)

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