Glenn Beck on the spread of Islamic supremacism worldwide

Glenn Beck expresses fear of new caliphate
be sure to watch this — Beck is really getting the nature and magnitude of the global jihad threat, and is working to wake up to America. There is a sequel to this, and we’ll post it as soon as we get hold of it:

2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on the spread of Islamic supremacism worldwide”

  1. I’ve found a written transcript.

    Hamas was not “birthed” by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    It arose on its own.
    Hamas seeks to throw all the Jews out into the Mediterranean.
    They try to play on the sympathies of liberals, and they succeed.

    So, the idea may be crazy, I think it’s crazy. A global Islamic order — yes, that sounds crazy.
    end quote.

    Where are the quotes from Muslim scripture that back up this claim?

    And when he threatened to kill Americans in our own land, I read his words, and I said, you know, this guy is not stupid.
    end quote.

    I didn’t know that it took genius to want to kill Americans.

    Talk about “shadow party”, “shadow government”.
    No quotes from Muslim scripture.
    Again, all talk, no fight.

  2. You can’t talk about Islamic supremacism in terms of shadow parties, conspiracy theories and shadow governments. You must talk about it in terms of Islamic scriptures, Christian/ Jewish scriptures, Western philosophies and worldview. He has exposed nothing of the pre-existing conflict and gulf between Islam and the West– a gulf that will NEVER BE BRIDGED!

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