Jooolia has a great idea: how about we let the fox guard the chicken coop?

“Young Muslims to lead by example”

YOUNG Muslim leaders will be hand-picked to try to limit the spread of violent extremism in Australia.

The Islam Monitor:

No, Julia this is NOT different to the UK path.

It is exactly the same mistake that Britain made.

Apparently the program will try to dispel myths about Islam.

Well Julia, the only myth about Islam,  is that it is a religion of peace.

Its worse than you think: Julia paints Bernardi and Morrison as “racists”

  • Andrew Bolt with Steve Price 22nd February, listen here: – the smearing of the Liberals with the One Nation tag. The Liberals have indeed been careless, but this is the crudest shut-up to stop an important debate.
  • Matt Johnston   From:Herald Sun
  • “A government-funded program will try to dispel myths about Islam… of course…..

    Mentors will focus on isolated or troubled young people identified as “at risk” of extremism through the $1.1 million Building Community Resilience programs.

    The head of the Australian Multicultural Foundation said preventative measures planned would ensure we don’t go down the path of the UK where terrorist attacks have created havoc.

    Seven programs have received Commonwealth grants to try to stem what the Government’s white paper on national security identified as home grown terrorism risks.

    Attorney-General Robert McClelland said communities had been crying out for help and the Government had received almost 100 applications.

    And they do not ask for it politely. They DEMAND!

    “The program will support activities that directly assist young people to disengage from intolerant and radical ideologies,” Mr McClelland said.

    One program developed by the foundation will recruit 16 young Australian Muslims to be trained and sent into the community to mentor peers.

    Other programs will teach young people to deal with frustration and connect with communities.

    Young leaders will also be charged with dispelling myths about Islam.

    Religiously mandated lying (taqiyya)  funded by the Labor government? Great idea!

    Australian Multicultural Foundation executive director Hass Dellal said the selected mentors will be working with other young people who are “vulnerable to particular views”.

    Hass Dellal is appointed by hard left comintern apparatchik Stephen Conroy, who wants to censor the internet……

    “There are people with different views, and what we are trying to do is make sure they are not preyed upon,” Mr Dellal said.

    “This is about young people taking back traditional Islam, and out of the hands of those who have interpreted it as some sort of violent and extreme religion.”

    Its all about Da’awa: proselytizing

    Mr Dellal said it was important for young Muslims to educate the wider community about their religion.

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    1. Hey Jooolia, it’s all been tried and it’s failed miserably. The ONLY thing they respect is force so why not let them have it full throttle. Joooolia, you should read reports from Nicolai Sennels and learn something about your muslim pets.

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