More threats, blackmail, delusions, litigation….

Muslim Group Demands Huckabee Apology for ‘Infidel’ Comments

“Inaccurate and offensive remarks…” Read More »

Why is Huckabee being summoned for a round of interfaith monologue? He said:

“If the purpose of a church is to push forth the gospel of Jesus Christ, and then you have a Muslim group that says that Jesus Christ and all the people that follow him are a bunch of infidels who should be essentially obliterated, I guess I have a hard time understanding that.”

Islam does not “obliterate” Jesus, but rather appropriates Jesus as a messenger of Islam in order to create a place for Muhammad in its narrative. Islamic teachings do seek to do away with central Christian beliefs about Jesus’ divinity, message, death, and resurrection, and they make professing those beliefs a cause for persecution under Islamic law.

That latter issue has been known to catch the attention of concerned citizens.  CAIR wants Mike Huckabee hauled in for re-education

Rep. Allen West Tells ‘Koran-Wielding‘ CAIR Executive Not to ’Blow Sunshine up My Butt’

If you haven’t seen it yet…..

Libyan-sponsored attacker now free in Rome

ROME (AP) — The only terrorist who served prison time for the 1985 attack on Rome’s airport that killed 16 people has been released after serving his term and is living and working legally in Rome, a newspaper reported Tuesday. (more)

Gadhafi Orders Sabotage to Oil Facilities

Paraphrasing the source, he said that Gadhafi had also ordered the release from prison of the country’s Islamist militant prisoners in hopes they would act on their own to sow chaos.  Read more: Time: Gadhafi Orders Sabotage to Oil Facilities

“Decades of Instability”

MOSCOW – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday predicted decades of instability in the Arab world if protesters whom he called fanatics come to power, adding no such scenario will be permitted at home. (source)

Kacku Kalu Jihad:

As if it wasn’t bad enough for The Coca-Cola Co that the closely-guarded secret recipe for its flagship brand was revealed last week, the company is now being sued over the discovery that the soft drink purportedly contains alcohol. (Source)

Australia: “Islam is a totalitarian, political and religious ideology”.

Ed Husic, token Muslim MP in the Canberra’s Labor cabinet, tries to defend the indefensible and tells tall tales about “Muslim mums & dads”.  Then he gets to the point, after calling jihad critics “extremists:”

He said there was a potential impact on $30 billion of Australian exports to countries with large Muslim populations.

“Do we believe that people in these countries would not react?” he asked.

Its all about feelings:

“What are those people meant to feel when they ponder on how they were admitted to share the richness of life here but while others of their faith have been locked out?” (source)

Cameron more deluded than BLiar?

‘Prejudice that borders on racism’: Cameron hits out at suggestions the Middle East can’t do democracy

Who needs democracy when you already got Islam? Besides, its not us who say they can’t, its their clerics who call the shots…. (Daily Mail)

Deceivers Have Feelings Too:

Muslim propagandist  Fareed Zakaria interviews the infamous George Soros:

Have you ever wondered if his feelngs were hurt by Glenn’s expose, or what his opinion was on the Tea Party? Well, then this is the interview for you! Don’t worry, there’s no analysis of his role in overturning governments or breaking the Bank of England. Check out the video to see Glenn’s reaction, and check out the latest Stu Blog to see Stu’s in depth analysis.


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